How can you get more use out the outdoor living area of your Canberra home? How can you create an outdoor living area that you can use for 365 days of the year? The answer is outdoor blinds and we’ll explain why in this blog.

Canberra outdoor living potential

Yes, Canberra can get pretty hot in summer and it’s not unusual for the temperatures to dip below freezing in winter. But, even on a cold winter day it’s often sunny, with little or no breeze.

However, even the hardiest of people aren’t likely to spend much time in their outdoor living area when the temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. Perhaps more so when the temperature is below zero. So you’ll need help and that’s where outdoor blinds come to the fore.

The benefits of outdoor blinds

  • Outdoor blinds can help keep your Canberra outdoor living space cooler when the temperature rises. They will keep the hot sun from entering your space, keep warm winds out and also protect you from any summer rain.
  • Outdoor blinds will also help to keep the cold out during the colder months. Fitted to an outdoor living area, blinds will do a great job of keeping you warmer and trap any heat you manage to create (more on this later). For best results, if you’re looking to install outdoor blinds for use in cold weather, PVC blinds are perfect as they provide a solid barrier against the cold.
  • Depending on your choice of fabric, outdoor blinds will help improve privacy. Some fabrics allow you to see out, while stopping others from seeing in.
  • Outdoor blinds will help to reduce ambient noise. Perfect if you live on a busy road or have noisy neighbours.
  • When mosquitoes and other flying pests are around, outdoor blinds can help provide a barrier to keep them out of your space.
  • Your precious outdoor furniture and other items will appreciate the protection blinds provide from bleaching sun rays.

The other benefit that modern outdoor blinds provide is ease of use. If you’re old enough to remember the blinds that you had to roll-up by hand, you’ll certainly appreciate that these days there are far better systems.

This includes a track-guided system that allows you to lower or raise your blinds to any height you want with a single hand, or possibly a single finger. There are even motorised systems if you want the ultimate in luxury.

Add the heat… or cold

Of course, when days are particularly hot or cold you may need a little more than outdoor blinds to tempt you into your outdoor living area.

In hot weather, there are a number of options you can use to drop the temperature. This includes budget-friendly misting systems. In cold weather there are also many options. From in-expensive freestanding gas or electric heaters up to gas log fireplaces.

Canberra Outside Concepts for your outdoor blinds

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Outdoor blinds can help you use your Canberra outdoor living area for 365 days of the year.
Outdoor blinds can help you use your Canberra outdoor living area for 365 days of the year.