Whether a new patio for your Adelaide home is a must-do in 2023 or if you’re simply considering the investment, it’s good to do a list of pros and cons to help you decide whether to go ahead.

To save you the trouble, Outside Concepts has compiled this list of positives and negatives. Use it as a good starting point and then give us a call when you’re ready to move ahead.

Why build a new patio for your Adelaide home

  1. The first is the most obvious one – a new patio will give you endless opportunities to relax and entertain outdoors.
  2. Essentially, when you add a patio to your Adelaide home you’re increasing your living space. While the new space mightn’t be enticing all-year-round, due to weather, there are things you can do to extend its usability (see point 8).
  3. Odds are the space you have earmarked for your new patio is currently quite unattractive. It may be lawn that doesn’t grow because it’s compacted due to traffic, sand or mud, or a space that you simply don’t use. By building a patio you’ll be turning dead space into one of the most used spaces of your home.
  4. Adding a patio to your Adelaide home – if you do it well – will add a lot of value to your home when it does come time to sell.
  5. These days we all need a place to relax and unwind and your new patio will provide the perfect space. Away from computers, phones, televisions, work and, if you’re lucky, the kids!
  6. While a patio is a great place to get away from it all, it can also provide an excellent space to work from home. Where would you rather be – stuck in your home office or outside with the sounds of nature and the breeze in your hair?
  7. A new patio will create a focal point for your backyard and your garden. Surround it with garden beds, plant herbs and vegies around the side, place some pots in and around your patio. Adding greenery will add to the feeling of peace and tranquillity of your outdoor space.
  8. While many people build a patio, fill it with outdoor furniture and a barbecue and then simply enjoy it, don’t forget that you can enhance it over the years as time and budget allows. For example, to make your outdoor space more usable in any weather, you could add heating, cooling and outdoor blinds. If you love cooking outside, you can add an outdoor kitchen. To use your space at night you could install lighting. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Reasons not to build a new patio for your Adelaide home

  1. A new patio for your Adelaide home will be a significant investment. While in most cases you will get this investment back – and more – when you sell, even a small patio is likely to set you back several thousands of dollars.
  2. While not all patios built in Adelaide will require planning permission, many will and the red tape can be confusing and difficult to negotiate.
  3. Most people don’t have the skills, knowledge and equipment to build the patio themselves, and even if they did it would take significant time.
  4. Finding a trustworthy, reputable supplier to build your patio can be difficult…Or is it?

Trust in Outside Concepts

If you live in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs, Brian Rohan and his Outside Concepts’ Eastern Branch team can help build a patio for you. All it will take is a little of your time to go over your requirements and we can look after the rest:

  • We can look after the council planning process for you.
  • We can help you decide on all important options, such as size, location, materials, style and colours.
  • We offer interest free finance.
  • We always maintain high standards, such as only using quality materials and quality workmanship.
  • We have a fixed price guarantee.
  • All our work is backed up with a 10-year structural guarantee.

What are you waiting for? Call Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 and organise a no obligation design and quote.

From concept to clean up, you can rely on us. Give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 to organise a free quote.

Need convincing that you need a new patio for your Adelaide home. Here are our top eight reasons.
Need convincing that you need a new patio for your Adelaide home. Here are our top eight reasons.