Let’s face it, the weather hasn’t been exactly encouraging us to get outside of late, but hope is on the horizon. The official end of winter is near and the cold weather will soon pass, which means you’ll be able to spend more time in your Adelaide pergola.

“What if you don’t have a pergola for your Adelaide home,” we hear you say? Well, read on and we’ll provide some tips – and encouragement – so you can join the happy pergola owners.

When is a pergola a pergola, and not a patio?

Firstly, let’s get the age-old question done and dusted. What is a pergola and what is a patio, or for that matter a verandah?

Historically, a simple outdoor structure with timber posts and beams has been referred to as a pergola. Commonly pergolas were freestanding. Also common was to grow deciduous climbers up pergolas, so that during hot weather there was added protection from the sun, while during winter the sun could shine down on the inhabitants.

Take a trip to the nearby Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley or other wine area, and you’ll see plenty of examples of these types of pergolas.

But this is 2020, not 1920, and we tend to blur the lines in these modern times. Today, the terms pergola, patio and verandah are practically interchangeable. Quite frankly, you can call your structure whatever you like, just as long as you call us to help build it!

Modern pergolas can be fully or partly roofed, made from steel or aluminium as well as timber, be built against the home, and include a ceiling, lights, outdoor blinds and a whole host of other features. Yes, the Adelaide pergola has come a long way over the last several decades and it’s not so simple now!

However, there is something that hasn’t changed and that’s the reason for building a pergola. Whether it was built in 1920 or 2020, a pergola is designed to be a place where families can relax and entertain, and eat and drink. Whether it’s with a deciduous climber overhead or an insulated panel, the alfresco lifestyle is still at the core of every Adelaide pergola.

The roof, the whole roof and nothing but the roof

One of the key decisions when you build any new Adelaide pergola is whether to have a roof or not. The arguments are pretty simple – a roof will protect you from the sun and rain, while a roofless structure will allow the sun to shine in during the cooler weather. The answer is not necessarily simple, but really comes down to how you will use your pergola.

One potential solution is to have the best of both worlds. That is, add a roof to part of your pergola while leaving part of the structure open. This will allow you to enjoy the sun on your face during the cooler months while still having cover when the elements aren’t kind. Plus, of course, you could consider some modern solutions to resolve the conundrum, such as a louvered roof or a retractable awning, giving you control of when to leave your space protected or unprotected.

Outside Concepts in Adelaide are the pergola professionals

When it’s time to build your new pergola for your Adelaide home, one key decision that is simple is who to call as Outside Concepts are the pergola professionals.

Craig Arthur is the branch manager of our Southern Branch and has nearly 30-years’ experience in the home improvement industry. You can contact Craig today by phoning 1800 601 674 or submitting the form on Craig’s website page.

Life’s too short to compromise. Phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 for a free quote.

Adding a new pergola to your Adelaide home can be a simple task. Just phone Outside Concepts!
Adding a new pergola to your Adelaide home can be a simple task. Just phone Outside Concepts!