With winter finally over and better weather on the horizon, more and more Adelaide people will be getting out into their pergolas for relaxation and entertainment opportunities. To make sure you can do so with safety, our Outside Concepts has compiled these important tips.

7 tips to improve pergola safety at your Adelaide home

  1. Probably the most dangerous activity you can do in your pergola is to grill a sausage! We’re, of course, referring to your BBQ, with too many fires and explosions involving gas cylinders every year. To stay safe, inspect the hose connecting your gas bottle to the BBQ. Also, perform regular soapy water checks, squirting soapy water on all connections to check for bubbles that indicate a leak. In addition, only use your BBQ in a clear space – never indoors or confined.
  2. Install some reasonable lighting if you like to relax and entertain in your Adelaide pergola after dark. Ambient lighting might not be enough. Inadequate lighting can lead to a burnt steak, trips falls and bumps.
  3. If you have a pool or spa in your backyard, make sure you have a fence surrounding it, it’s within the current regulations and in good condition. The same can apply to any water (a pond or water feature, for example) that is more than 300mms deep. Check with your local council if you’re unsure.
  4. If you have a railing around your pergola (if your deck is one metre or more above the ground, you should), check it occasionally to ensure it’s in good condition.
  5. Your Adelaide pergola isn’t the place to store your garden equipment or tools, particularly if you have young kids. Keep all this equipment in the shed or another hidden area.
  6. You might think you’re safe when you’re sitting down in your pergola, but not necessarily. Plenty of people have been injured when an outdoor chair or another piece of furniture has collapsed. Hammocks and hanging chairs can be particularly dangerous if they are not maintained and checked. Regularly inspect your furniture, looking for signs of breakage, damage, loose or missing screws, etc. For hammocks and hanging chairs, check connections and ropes frequently.
  7. If you have large trees surrounding your Adelaide home and your pergola, call in a tree expert occasionally to inspect them.

Need a new pergola in Adelaide? Outside Concepts can help

Another potential safety hazard is a pergola that is falling apart. If your pergola isn’t in good condition and you need a new one, or you simply haven’t got a pergola, Outside Concepts can help.

Our Eastern branch services all areas in the eastern part of Adelaide, including the Adelaide Hills. To organise a free discussion, design and quote for a new pergola, call us on 1800 601 674. Our Eastern branch manager, Brian Rohan, will then get in touch to organise a day and time to catch up.

From concept to clean up, you can rely on us. Give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 to organise a free quote.

Stay safe when you’re relaxing and entertaining in your Adelaide pergola this summer.
Stay safe when you’re relaxing and entertaining in your Adelaide pergola this summer.