With summer here and plenty of sunshine to enjoy around your house, it’s time to get out and enjoy your Canberra outdoor living area. Here are some tips from Outside Concepts on maintenance activities you might need to do, to keep your outdoor structures looking good for years to come.

Canberra outdoor living projects for the summer holidays:

  • If you have timber decking at your house, summer is a great time to re-oil it and it’s a job that most people can manage. Start by giving the deck a good clean, preferably with a commercial deck cleaner and a high-pressure sprayer. Then, once dry, apply a good quality oil with a brush or decking applicator. For best results, allow to dry and apply a second coat.
  • While you have the high-pressure sprayer out, give the entire outside of your house a clean. While a little elbow grease is best for some areas, a high-pressure sprayer is great for removing surface grime, dust and cobwebs.
  • Trim all trees and shrubs that are near your house or other outdoor structures, so they won’t scrape against them in strong winds.
  • You’ll want to make the most of the nice weather by leaving windows open, but don’t leave an open invitation for bugs to come inside. Check your flywire for holes and repair or replace any window screens with issues.
  • Inspect all your garden water systems and water hoses and fix any issues, such as leaks.
  • Mow the lawn. But before you do, raise the mowing height for summer. It helps to protect your lawn from the scorching heat.

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Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy your Canberra outdoor living area