If you’re adding a new outdoor living area for your Sydney home, you have many options to consider for the flooring. Tiles, pavers, stone and concrete are common choices, but there’s one option that we think is naturally better. The timber deck.

What makes a timber deck the best choice for your Sydney home?

  1. Timber decks are simply stunning and they provide the wow factor that so many people are looking for.
  2. A timber deck will be a wise investment and will add value to your home. This is particularly the case in the Sydney market, where the pay back when it comes time to sell is generally much greater than the initial investment.
  3. A new timber deck certainly won’t be cheap, however, they can often cost less than other hard surfaces. If your budget is particularly tight, you could always choose a Treated Pine deck, which will cost less than hardwoods such as Merbau and Spotted Gum.
  4. If you live on a sloping block or need to raise your deck for another reason, it’s relatively easy with a timber deck compared with other choices.
  5. A well-built timber deck will last for decades, particularly with regular maintenance.

Which wood would you choose for your Sydney timber deck?

We mentioned three potential decking timbers to choose in the above points – Merbau, Spotted Gum and Treated Pine. But there are other options, including Jarrah, Blackbutt and Victorian Ash.

As mentioned above, Treated Pine is an excellent budget option, while Spotted Gum can be an option in areas where bushfires are possible (you should always consult your local council if you live in a bushfire area and are considering building a deck).

In essence, however, all the common decking timbers are great choices and often it comes down to the colour you want to achieve. Jarrah and Merbau are generally a beautiful rich red colour, Blackbutt ranges from pale brown to yellow, Spotted Gum comes in shades of brown, while Victorian Ash ranges from light brown to pale blonde. Meanwhile, Treated Pine can be stained to achieve a wide array of lovely colours or left as is.

A look that you may want to achieve, particularly if you live in a Sydney beachside suburb is silver or grey. This is the ‘Hamptons look’ that is very popular on the coast. Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and Victorian Ash all have the ability to fade to a beautiful silver-grey appearance over time.

One common misconception, however, is that to achieve this look you don’t apply oil regularly. This is incorrect and can result in timber drying, splintering, warping or rotting. The key is to apply oil every year or two that offers protection for your timber while allowing it to become silver-grey over the years. Ask your local paint or hardware store for advice.

New timber deck – apply here!

If you live in the Sydney northern suburbs, Outside Concepts Sydney North Branch can design and build a new timber deck for your home. We’ll also be able to provide the advice you need to achieve the look you want.

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If you’d like to add a new timber deck to your Sydney home, which wood would you choose?
If you’d like to add a new timber deck to your Sydney home, which wood would you choose?