Looking for an affordable way to keep the sun, rain or wind out of your balcony, verandah, patio or outdoor living area? Crank operated
outdoor blinds may be the solution. And if you live in the nation’s capital, we have the Canberra outdoor blinds specialists to do the job!

Crank operated outdoor blinds, as the name suggests, are opened and closed manually using a crank handle operation. In the down position they are fastened using a lock down latch that keeps the fabric tight, which aids performance and aesthetics of the Canberra outdoor blinds.

This style of outdoor blind provides an affordable solution for keeping the elements out, as well as helping with privacy, noise, home
security and protection of indoor and outdoor furniture from the sun’s rays. Depending on the type of fabric you choose, you can even prevent people from seeing into your outdoor living area while you can see out. Now that’s clever outdoor blinds!

Outdoor blinds specialists

The outdoor blinds pictured on this page are crank operated, straight drop blinds, installed by Tony Cibiras and his team from Outside
Concepts Canberra. The homeowners (Steve and Rach from the suburb of Monash) chose Tony and Outside Concepts after getting quotes from several companies.

“Tony’s insight and customer focus stood out from the rest,” said Steve and Rach. “He wasn’t trying to sell us anything, and he genuinely wanted us to receive the best possible solution for our situation and lifestyle within an affordable budget.

“After signing up, Tony kept us informed at key points during the process of ordering, manufacturing and delivery of the blinds.
Tony’s attention to detail is second to none, and it’s obvious that he prides himself on a neat and complete installation, you wouldn’t even know that he had been here.

“We are extremely satisfied with the end result and highly recommend Tony’s services, and we would gladly seek out his services again on any future home improvements.” 

If you need outdoor blinds, contact Outside Concepts by submitting a contact form or phoning 1800 601 674. Like we did with Steve and Rach, our team member will then organise a time to meet up to discuss your outside blinds project, and advise on the best possible solution for your needs.

Tony services all areas of Canberra and the ACT. Like other Outside Concepts branches, he only uses high quality materials and products. In the case of the outdoor blinds that he installs around Canberra, they’re sourced from the Australian owned company, Pinz, which is based in Adelaide.

Outside Concepts’ partnership with Pinz means we can provide a wide range of outdoor blinds and awnings for your home or for your business. This includes outdoor blinds that are operated by crank, as in the case of the Canberra outdoor blinds featured on this post, or using track-guided and even motorised systems that can be raised and lowered with the press of a button.

Concept to clean up. Call Outside Concepts for a free quote on 1800 601 674.

These crank operated, straight drop Canberra outdoor blinds provided an affordable solution for the homeowners.



These Canberra outdoor blinds provided an affordable solution for the homeowners.