These days it’s practically impossible to escape technology. With phones, computers and smartwatches part of most people’s everyday lives, it seems we also can’t live without it. So, when you venture into your Canberra outdoor living area, why not take technology with you? There are plenty of ways you can, including outdoor blinds, and here are some of our top tips.

6 ways to embrace technology in your outdoor living area

1. Outdoor blinds

Our number one way is with outdoor blinds. They’re fantastic for keeping heat, cold, wind, rain and insects out of your outdoor living area and, in general, can make your outdoor living area more comfortable all-year-round.

“Hang on,” you might be thinking. “What’s that got to do with technology?”. We could highlight the technology of the fabrics and systems of today’s outdoor blinds, but that’s unlikely to impress many tech-geeks. What might impress, however, is that you can get motorised outdoor blinds. These are blinds that can be opened and closed by a remote or wall switch. A timer, sun sensor or wind sensor can even be included to automate the blinds.

2. Extend your wi-fi

If you love your TV, streamed music or simply want to get on the net while you’re outside, a weak network can drive you crazy. A better
modem/router may be the answer or you might be better off with a wi-fi range extender.

3. TV in your outdoor living area

If you really love your TV and the smaller screen just won’t do, why not install a TV in your outdoor living area? Just don’t try this with
a standard TV, however, as they’re not designed to withstand moisture, heat and elements. You’ll need to purchase a TV designed for outdoor use or a special TV enclosure.

4. Music

Hardly high-tech these days, but many of us love to listen to music, so it’s worth mentioning here the impressive array of Bluetooth
speakers you can purchase. Like TV’s, if you intend to leave the speakers outdoors permanently, you’ll need to purchase speakers to suit, otherwise grab a portable Bluetooth speaker and take your favourite tracks anywhere you like.

5. Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting that can be controlled by light sensors have been around for years, but lights that you can control from your phone are
quite new. Simply turn your garden lights on or off from anywhere you like, even while out for dinner or on holidays!

6. BBQ thermometers

The outdoors and cooking go hand in hand, but if you’ve burnt your share of steaks in your Canberra outdoor living area, it’s time to
invest in a Bluetooth meat thermometer. Simply insert a probe into your meat and your phone will alert you when it’s ready.

Outdoor living

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A Canberra outdoor living area can be made even more comfortable with technology, including outdoor blinds. 

A Canberra outdoor living area can be made even more comfortable with technology, including outdoor blinds.