Geelong AFL supporters will have a bit more time to spare in September than usual, with their team missing out on the finals for only the second time in recent history. What will you do with your spare time? Build a new patio for your Geelong home?

Before you start drawing up plans on bits of paper or digging holes, it’s well worth considering getting professional help to design and build your patio. Not only will it give you more time to do other things – like watch the other AFL teams in the finals – it could prevent a costly disaster at your Geelong home.

10 reasons to get a professional to build your Geelong patio

  1. Expertise and experience. Professional patio builders possess the knowledge, skills, and experience to design and construct a patio that meets local building regulations, and industry standards. They are well-versed in proper techniques, materials, and construction methods.
  2. Design guidance. A good professional will value-add by providing design guidance based on your needs, wants and your outdoor space. They can help you choose the right style, location, materials, colours and finishes to match or complement your home’s architecture style.
  3. Quality craftsmanship. You might be a skilled DIYer, but a professional is likely to do a better job. They have access to the necessary tools and equipment to ensure the patio is built to a high quality and will stand the test of time.
  4. Customisation. Some outdoor structure companies, like Outside Concepts, allow you to customise your patio according to your specific requirements and preferences. This can include integrating features such as lighting, heating, cooling, outdoor blinds and more.
  5. Time efficiency. Professionals have the expertise to efficiently plan and execute the construction process, saving you time compared to a DIY approach.
  6. Avoid costly mistakes. Lack of experience in patio construction can lead to costly mistakes, such as improper drainage, uneven surfaces, or inadequate foundations. Professionals have the know-how to prevent these issues and ensure a structurally sound patio.
  7. Warranty and insurance. Reputable Geelong patio builders will offer guarantees on their work, giving you peace of mind that any potential issues will be addressed. They also carry insurance to protect you and your property in case of accidents or damages.
  8. Project management. Professionals take care of project management, including scheduling, coordinating any trades and ensuring a smooth workflow. This reduces stress and allows you to focus on enjoying the end result.
  9. Increased property value. A well-designed and professionally constructed Geelong patio can significantly enhance your property’s curb appeal and overall value. Potential buyers are often attracted to outdoor living spaces that are thoughtfully designed and expertly built.
  10. Long-term savings. It will likely cost you more to hire a professional patio builder, but their expertise can save you money in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes, rework, and maintenance issues that might arise from subpar DIY work.

Choose the best Geelong patio builders

Don’t break your back building your own Geelong patio. Use your fingers instead, to call the best patio builders in the area, Outside Concepts Geelong branch.

Jaan McKenzie and his team has the experience and knowledge you need to get the job done right. All with the peace of mind of Outside Concepts’ 10-year structural warranty.

Phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 or submit the form on Jaan’s website page. Then sit back and relax. Apart from providing your input you can rest easy knowing your patio is in good hands.

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With Geelong out of the AFL finals, is it time for you to design and build a new patio for your home?

With Geelong out of the AFL finals, is it time for you to design and build a new patio for your home?