With summer, Christmas and the January school holidays fast approaching, there’s never a better time to start planning for a new patio for your Brisbane home. To make sure the planning, design and building process is more smooth than stressful, take a look at our top tips, bought to you by our Outside Concepts South Brisbane Branch.

Top tips for a new patio for your Brisbane home

  1. Well before a shovel full of soil is turned, consider the style of patio you want. When it comes to patio styles, easily the best inspiration is your home. Like most capital cities, Brisbane has a wide range of house styles, from modern and contemporary, to gorgeous traditional Queenslanders and everything in-between. If you match or complement your new patio with your home you’re on a style winner.
  2. While style is important, practicality is too and when it comes to practicality size is king. So consider carefully what your patio will be used for. If you’re more into intimate gatherings with only your direct family or a couple of friends, you’ll only need a small patio. If you love entertaining with lots of guests, you’ll need something more sizable. You may be restricted by the size of the land you have to play with but with clever thinking you can maximise the benefits.
  3. When working out the dimensions of your new patio, it’s not just a matter of considering how many people you want to fit, you also need to ponder your furniture and other items. There’s nothing worse than a patio that’s so crammed full of stuff that you have to breathe in to get past everything. A great way to ensure you’ll have enough space, if you’re keeping your existing furniture and barbecue, is to place items on the ground where your new patio will go. If you’ll be using new items, mark out their position using mark-up landscapers paint or by scraping lines in the dirt. Then simply walk around to get a feel for how everything will work.
  4. Consider what materials you will use for your new Brisbane patio. This may be dictated by your home and its features. For example, if you have a timber Queenslander you’ll likely want to build your patio out of timber to match. If you want a low maintenance patio, steel is going to be your best bet as it will require minimal maintenance once it’s built.
  5. Don’t forget to organise local council planning permission as early as possible, particularly if you want your new patio up quick smart. Permission can take several weeks and even longer in some instances, so get your application in ASAP.
  6. If you want to use your patio in all weather conditions and at any time, consider integrating aspects such as lighting, cooling and heating when you build. It will cost a bit more, but you’ll have a high-end patio that you can use virtually anytime. Another cool idea, pardon the pun, is to install outdoor blinds on your patio. They’re great in hot weather and cold, and will allow you to use your patio even when the rain is nearly blowing sideways!

Contact Outside Concepts South Brisbane for your new patio

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See our tips to ensure your new Brisbane patio is perfect for you and your family.
See our tips to ensure your new Brisbane patio is perfect for you and your family.