These days we all want a space to relax and entertain outside and this is especially true for those of us who live in Sydney. But you don’t just want a space to plonk your barbecue and outdoor furniture; you want a structure that adds the wow factor and will increase the  value of your home. You want a Sydney patio with style.

One of the keys to adding a Sydney patio with style to your home is your choice of roof and here are 6 roof styles you might consider:

  1. Flat roof patio– gone are the days when a flat roof structure was plain and boring. Today, flat roofs are modern, contemporary,
    sleek and stylish. Plus, as an added benefit, a flat roof Sydney patio can be one of the cheapest to build.
    Within the flat roof design you can also choose options to add comfort and flexibility. For example, an insulated roof will keep your patio cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, while an operable roof (featuring louvres that open and close) can allow you to control the
    amount of shade and sun your patio receives.
  2. Angled roof – like the flat roof, but generally the higher side of the patio is connected to the house with the lower side running towards your backyard. To provide more space inside your Sydney patio, you can add extendable brackets to your home’s roof as the connection point.
  3. Gable roof – this is one of the classic style roofs, with a ridge in the centre and two roof sections sloping downwards in
    opposite directions. One of the benefits of this style of roof is that it provides more space inside the patio.
  4. Hip roof – the hip roof is also a classic style roof and features all four sides sloping down.
  5. Curved roof – as the name implies this style of roof features a curve. It’s unique and a bit different and can add aesthetic
    style to your Sydney patio. This roof design also allows plenty of space underneath, for air flow, light and views.
  6. Combination roof – if you’re a hamburger with the lot type of person, perhaps you’d prefer a combination roof. In other
    words, a roof that features two or more roof designs integrated into one. For example, a hip roof section combined with a flat roof section. In some cases this can be really eye-catching and can help solve potentially tricky design situations.

What’s your Sydney patio style?

The best style of roof for your house will depend on a number of factors, including the roof style of your existing home.

If you live in the northern areas of Sydney and you want advice on the best style of roof for your Sydney patio, give our Sydney North Outside Concepts branch a call. Brett and his team will provide expert advice on all the questions you have and will ensure your new Sydney patio has the wow factor!

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A Sydney patio with style begins with the style of your roof.