These days we’re all about adding value on our homes. If you live in Sydney and are considering a renovation, extension or other work around your house you’re probably not just thinking about the now, you’re thinking about the future and how much more money your house will be worth. So, here’s some excellent news, if you build a new patio for your Sydney home there’s an excellent chance you’ll pay for the costs of the build and more when you come to sell.

3 reasons why adding a new Sydney patio will add value to your home:

  1. In simple terms, adding a new patio to your Sydney home will make your home more appealing. A nice outdoor living area is high on the wish list of buyers these days, and if you’re home has a stylish, practical patio it’s likely buyers will pay much more than they would if it didn’t have a patio.
  2. Having a Sydney patio goes hand-in-hand with Australia’s love of the outdoors, cooking on the barbecue, and relaxing and entertaining outside. A usable living space outside is not just a nice to have; it’s nearly a necessity.
  3. Most real estate buyers, particularly in the Sydney market, simply want to move in, unpack and get on with their lives. So, while you might have a space where an opportunity exists for a patio to be built, all buyers see is what’s missing.

Of course, one of the keys, if you’re looking to add value to your home by building a new Sydney patio, is to do it well. A stylish and well-sized patio that perfectly matches your home is what you’re looking for. This is not the time to add quirky features that you might love but others may loathe. 

Also, it’s wise not to overspend or overcapitalise for your area. While this is less likely in the Sydney area, it’s important to do research to know your area and the market you’ll be selling in. In some areas, a simple and attractive hardwood deck may be a better investment than an elaborate outdoor living area.

How much can my new Sydney patio make me?

Now to the million-dollar question, if you build a new Sydney patio, how much will the price of your home go up?

Of course, this is extremely difficult to answer as it will depend on a range of things, including where in Sydney you are, market conditions and the patio itself. However, real estate guru Simon Pilcher recently stated in a article that even adding a simple deck or terrace can add substantial value to the price of your home.

Build your new Sydney patio.

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A new Sydney patio can add great value to your home.