If you’ve been researching a new outdoor living area for your Brisbane home, you’ve probably noticed that some builders call these spaces patios, some pergolas and others verandahs. So, which is it? Are patios, pergolas and verandahs one and the same or completely different?

Brisbane patio, pergola or verandah – the strict interpretation

Strictly speaking, there are differences between patios, pergolas and verandahs. While the differences won’t concern you too greatly if you’re building an outdoor entertainment area for your Brisbane home, it is worth exploring them:

  • Patios are almost always joined to the home and are generally reasonably large structures, although they can be small. A patio for your Brisbane home will usually have a roof or be partly roofed to keep the rain out and to provide protection from the hot sun.
  • A pergola can also be joined to a home, but it’s not unusual for them to be freestanding structures. Like patios, they are generally quite large. Traditionally, a pergola would not have a roof. It would have beams across the top to provide structure and strength and may have a deciduous or other climber growing through it.
  • A verandah will always be attached to a home and sometimes will wrap around two or more sides of a home. The traditional Queenslanders that are very popular in Brisbane are perfect examples. Verandahs are generally narrow and always feature a roof.

The casual interpretation

While there are, strictly speaking, differences between patios, pergolas and verandahs, at the end of the day, you can call your outdoor structure anything you want.

These days, the terms are virtually interchangeable. Most people will still call the structures that wrap around classic Queenslander verandahs. And a freestanding structure with four posts, beams across the top, no roof and a deciduous climber will generally be called a pergola. But otherwise, anything goes!

Call it what you like, just call us!

While you can call your new outdoor structure whatever you like, when it comes time to design and build your Brisbane patio, pergola or verandah, just make sure you call Outside Concepts.

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Should you call your new Brisbane outside structure a patio, pergola or verandah?
Should you call your new Brisbane outside structure a patio, pergola or verandah?