At Outside Concepts, we’re passionate about outdoor living, spending time with family and friends and getting outside to cook, entertain and relax. So, when it comes to the question of projects around the home that add the greatest value when it comes time to sell, we’ll go into bat for a new patio every time, because patios add value to your home, now and into the future.

But, let’s face it, we’re a little bit biased. So, what do other experts have to say about this question? Do patios add value to your home and is it worthwhile updating your outdoor living area if you’re considering selling in the near future? say patios add value

According to one of Australia’s largest real estate websites in a recent article, an outdoor living space has become an essential inclusion in our homes. The article also says that “showcasing your property’s ability to entertain friends and family outdoors really sells the al fresco lifestyle dream.”

To showcase your home’s outdoor appeal, adds that it’s important to have well planned landscaping, a well designed patio (preferably one that is covered and sheltered to provide an outdoor living area that can be used all-year-round) and to add a pool or water feature to help create the feeling of a sanctuary in your backyard.

Block size doesn’t matter

Garden designer and media personality Charlie Albone also says patios add value to your home. In a recent article on the Lifestyle website, he wrote, “A great way to add extra value to your home is to make more useable living space out in the garden”.

He adds that how much land you have to play with doesn’t really matter, it’s adding usable dining and relaxation space that counts. “Even if you have a small land area, you can still add value by adding an awning to the patio. Now it’s a useable dining space even in wet weather.

Adding a living space to your garden not only adds value, but it goes hand in hand with the outdoor Australian, laid-back lifestyle.”

Money spent repaid in spades

Real estate expert and television personality Scotty Yancey agrees with Charlie.

In his article in Huffington Post titled Outdoor Living Spaces Add Value, Scott says that outdoor living spaces needn’t be overly costly. And he firmly believes that if you do the job well, any money you spend will be well worth it when you come to sell.

He says you should consider elements such as decks, plant boxes, lighting, water features and landscaping when designing a new outdoor living area.

Ready to add value?

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Patios add value to your home, even if it's just a small outdoor dining area.

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