Attached double carport by Outside Concepts Kenmore

Wanting a carport to protect your car or boat? Outside Concepts Kenmore are the people to speak to! Martyn Hewett takes pride in his jobs and the results are outstanding.

Before construction of tiled double carport. Outside Concepts Kenmore.

Here in Fig Tree Pocket the owners wanted to attach a carport to their house for access in all weather and so that it would like appear as one structure. Part of the existing house roof had to be demolished in order to cut the carport roof frame into it.

Attaching your carport to the house adds visual interest especially when the materials used are complimentary.

Martyn Hewett says “We looked around for new tiles to match but in the end found second hand tiles which were perfectly weathered to blend in with the existing tiles”.

Outside Concepts combines quality construction, excellent design skills with care and commitment to achieving your outcomes as a price you can afford. Call us today!