Enjoy your Melbourne pergola naturally

Create the perfect spot to sit...A pergola can be a great addition and investment for any Melbourne home, particularly if you have it designed and built to suit your needs.

If you’re more likely to use your pergola on fine days and nights, a Melbourne pergola without a roof can be a great option. This is the traditional way pergolas are designed and built, particularly when combined with climbing plants such as wisteria, grapevines and roses.

If you are looking for plants that will let the winter sun in and provide shade in summer, make sure you choose a deciduous climber. These plants will be in full-leaf during the warmer months, providing cooling shade on those hot Melbourne summer days. But in winter, the plants will have dropped their leaves, allowing the precious winter sun to shine through.

There are many deciduous plants to choose from, including wisteria, roses, clematis and grapevines. If you prefer climbers that will provide shade and cover all-year-round, consider plants such as jasmine, pandorea and hardenbergia.

If you prefer to utilise your Melbourne pergola more fully and particularly during or after rain, fully or partly covering your pergola is worth considering. There are a few options to consider, including colorbond sheets, which are available in a large range of colours, and laserlite. The advantage of laserlite is that it will let light in while providing protection from UV rays.

Your choice on whether to leave your pergola open, use it for climbing plants or cover it should be based on your needs. If you’re looking for an outside living area that you can use 365 days of the year, then covering your pergola is a great idea. However, if you are looking for an area to relax and entertain only on fine days, then an uncovered pergola or one adorned with climbing plants will be ideal.

One simple choice is who to choose to help you design and build your Melbourne pergola – and provide much needed advice. Outside Concepts are outdoor living specialists and have built hundreds of pergolas in the Melbourne area. To organise a free on-site design and quote service or for more information, phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 or go to our website (pergola Melbourne).