If you’re looking for a little – or a lot of – extra cover at the rear of your home, do what the owners of this Sunbury home did. Rip down the old, tired and decidedly small section of roof and replace it with a large flat roof pergola.

The flat roof pergola project in Sunbury was designed and built by our North Western & Western branch. Branch owner Kose says after meeting with the homeowners, several key needs were highlighted:

  • Most importantly, the old verandah had to go. Not only was it extremely small, but it was also negatively impacting the entire look of the rear of the Sunbury home.
  • To ensure a low maintenance result, a steel frame was chosen for the pergola that would replace it. A classic cream colour was used to match the windows, gutters and other features of the home.
  • A flat roof pergola was chosen as the best design, for both practical and aesthetic reasons.
  • While Colorbond roofing sheets were used to top the flat roof Sunbury pergola, using it across the entire structure would have reduced light significantly. Therefore, the Colorbond was interspersed with clear polycarbonate sheets.
  • The result, as we’re sure you’ll agree is a clear improvement over the old structure.

The feedback from the customer was also clear. They were delighted with the final result and gave particular praise for Kose and his team. “They were great people to deal with from quote to finished pergola,” the homeowners said.

Polycarbonate a clear winner for Sunbury pergolas… verandahs, patios and carports too!

Adding a few sheets of polycarbonate in the flat roof Sunbury pergola is a clever use of this clever material.

It’s particularly wise to use polycarbonate if your pergola, verandah, patio or carport doesn’t receive a lot of light. On the south side of your home, for example, or where you have tree or buildings blocking your light.

While letting natural light in is probably the main benefit of polycarbonate roofing sheets, it’s not the only reason to choose the product:

  • Polycarbonate blocks harmful UV rays. In essence, for the Sunbury flat roof pergola highlighted in this post, the polycarbonate roofing will provide the same sun protection as the Colorbond.
  • The roofing sheets are lightweight, easy to work with and easy to install.
  • You can choose different profiles, colours and tints to suit your needs.
  • It might not look it, but polycarbonate is extremely strong.

Flat roof pergola – call Outside Concepts

Like most Outside Concepts’ branches, the North Western & Western branch covers a wide service area. While he’s based in the Essendon area, Kose travels as far as Werribee and Bacchus Marsh in the west, Gisborne in the north west, and Kilmore to the north.

So, if you need a new flat roof pergola for your home, or any style of pergola, verandah, patio or carport, give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674. Alternatively, you can submit a contact form on Kose’s page.

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As these before, during and after images show, a new flat roof pergola for this Sunbury home is a clear improvement on the old one.
As these before, during and after images show, a new flat roof pergola for this Sunbury home is a clear improvement on the old one.