We reckon there are at least two must-haves if you love relaxing and entertaining around your Brisbane home – a pool to cool off and a Brisbane pergola to shelter from the elements.

Outside Concepts can’t help you with the pool, but we certainly can provide all the know-how, advice and expertise to make your Brisbane pergola dream a reality, which is exactly what we did for this lucky family in the Brisbane suburb of Kenmore. They had a beautiful pool and spa to enjoy all year round, but they were certainly lacking when it came to protection from the elements.

Brisbane pergola project meets the family’s needs.

The family’s situation demonstrates that when it comes to pergolas (and indeed other outside structures), it’s vital that a customised rather than a one-size-fits-all all solution. A solution that perfectly fits the individual’s needs and wants.

In this family’s case, one pergola wouldn’t meet the requirements. They wanted the spa to be covered so they could enjoy it while being protected from the elements. But they also wanted a pergola to house their poolside furniture and to provide relaxation and entertainment opportunities around the pool. Due to a lack of space around the spa, erecting a second pergola nearby was made, perfectly matching the one over the spa.

Both of the pergolas were planned with their location in mind, so the design reflects the tropical feel of the area. The relatively inexpensive pergola structures were built using beautiful hardwood timber and were topped off with Colorbond roofing.

The result is not one Brisbane pergola but two, to meet the family’s needs perfectly!

What is a pergola?

But what exactly is a pergola?  Pergolas are a beautiful outdoor addition to any Brisbane home. They are built to provide shade in sunny areas. They are one of the most multi-functional structures that can be built in homes to provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. A Pergola not only transforms the appearance of any backyard but also adds functionality. If you’ve been looking to make your home one of a kind, a pergola is a sure way to add an elegant touch to any Brisbane outdoor space.

Design tips for your Brisbane pergola

Designing a pergola in Brisbane requires careful consideration of both aesthetic and functional elements, bearing in mind the city’s distinct climatic conditions.

Brisbane experiences warm, humid summers and mild winters punctuated by heavy rains and occasional storms. As such, materials that are weather-resistant, durable, and capable of withstanding these conditions are ideal.

Incorporating materials like treated timber, metal, or aluminium that can resist warping, rotting, and rusting over time, and applying finishes that offer additional protection against UV rays and moisture ensures the pergola’s longevity and maintains its visual appeal.

Comfort and Usability 

The design should also focus on maximizing comfort and usability throughout the year. Given Brisbane’s warm climate, a pergola that offers ample shade and ventilation is crucial. Incorporating features like slatted roofs or climbable plants can provide natural shading, creating a cool, comfortable outdoor space even during hotter months.

Moreover, considering the orientation of the pergola to optimize natural light while minimizing direct sun exposure is essential. Strategic placement and design can harness breezes for natural cooling, enhancing the comfort of the space.

Fitting the pergola into your space  

Aesthetic integration with the surrounding landscape and architecture is another vital aspect. Brisbane boasts diverse architectural styles, from traditional Queenslanders to modern designs. The pergola should seamlessly blend with the existing structure, enhancing the overall visual appeal. Utilising designs and materials that echo the architectural language of the main building and surrounding landscape ensures coherence and visual harmony. Additionally, the inclusion of elements like lighting, plants, and decorative features can turn the pergola into a visually appealing focal point in the outdoor space.

The pergola has to work for you and your family.

Lastly, the functionality should be at the core of the pergola’s design. Since outdoor living is an integral aspect of Brisbane’s lifestyle, pergolas should be designed to be multi-functional spaces catering to various activities. Incorporating elements like adjustable roofing systems to control light and exposure, built-in seating, or provisions for outdoor kitchens can enhance usability. By balancing aesthetics, resilience, and functionality, a pergola in Brisbane can be transformed into a versatile outdoor space, offering shelter and comfort while enhancing the property’s visual appeal.

Floras and Pergolas

Whenever we see a photograph of a picture-perfect backyard, there is always a pergola that has beautiful greenery wrapped around its legs and lattices. But that doesn’t only have to exist in pictures. Pergolas are built with vertical posts or pillars that are supported by cross beams and a sturdy open lattice. This provides the perfect place to spot woody vines.  Gardens over a hundred years old often showcase pergolas that have these woody vines, and some even have colourful flowers planted on top. You can take these ideas to make your pergolas stand out!

Pergola Style and Function

Searching for “Pergolas” on the Internet will show you the numerous uses and materials it can be built with. You are not only limited to wood; a pergola can be created with durable, attractive, and affordable materials. A Pergola is a beautiful garden structure that provides shade from the sun during the day and a nice cool place to relax with your friends and family at night.

 Maybe you don’t want a huge addition to your house. Maybe you don’t need an entire outdoor room. Maybe you need a place to sit and unwind for a little while. Pergolas are the thing just for you. So, if you’re ready to have one for your Brisbane home today, call Outside Concepts at 1800 601 674 or submit a contact form for a free quote.

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