A new pergola in Launceston or the northern parts of Tasmania isn’t just an asset for the here and now, it’s also a smart financial investment for the future.

In this blog article we’ll explore the benefits of designing and building a pergola for your Tasmanian home. At the end, we think you’ll agree that a pergola isn’t an optional luxury but a necessity!

How a Launceston pergola will benefit you now

In the northern parts of Tasmania and Launceston we are lucky enough to live in one of the best climates in the world. Our summers are generally milder than on the mainland and while the middle of the year can be cold, we can still get some very pleasant winter days. All of which makes the Launceston area a great place for a pergola and outdoor living.

A Launceston pergola will make a terrific outdoor living zone. While traditionally, pergolas featured open roofs, these days it’s not uncommon for pergolas to be roofed structures. Whether you put a roof on your pergola or not is up to you, however, having a roof will allow you to use the space more regularly, particularly when it’s raining or when the sun is scorching.

If you’re unsure, two options are to partly roof your Launceston pergola, so you have the best of both worlds, or use climbing plants to provide some protection from the elements. You can also consider installing outdoor blinds on your pergola, to provide greater protection from the elements and make your pergola more comfortable in the hot and cold temperatures.

Whatever your roofing choice, a new pergola will provide years of relaxation and entertainment opportunities. From relaxing by yourself with a coffee in the morning, to enjoying a lunch with your family and entertaining friends on the weekend, your Launceston pergola will soon become a focal point of your home. Some Outside Concepts’ clients end up spending more time in their outdoor living area than they do inside!

How a Launceston pergola will benefit you in the future

While you mightn’t be considering selling your home now, rest assured that if you do decide to sell in the future your pergola will keep on looking after you. In fact, a new Launceston pergola will in most cases at least pay for itself when you do come to sell.

Why is that? For the very same reasons you’re considering building a new pergola. Most Tasmanians want practical, comfortable and useable outdoor living space. They want to be able to relax and entertain in an outdoor living area, and your new pergola will meet their desires.

Whether the market is slow or booming, having a pergola will give a home an edge over those homes that haven’t.

Our Launceston branch are pergola experts

Outside Concepts’ Launceston branch are the experts when it comes to designing and building pergolas. The branch is owned and managed by Ray Heald who has lived in the Launceston area for around 20 years and has vast experience in the building industry. Ray’s branch services all parts of Launceston and surrounding areas of the north of Tasmania.

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Outdoor blinds on your Launceston pergola can help make your outdoor living area more comfortable all-year-round.