Your Stylish New Pergola in Melbourne Western Suburbs

We’re not fussed about whether you want to call it a pergola or a patio – or simply an outdoor living area. Just call Outside Concepts in Melbourne once you decide on the name and we’ll make your Melbourne pergola, patio or outdoor living area a reality.

Traditionally, there is a difference between a pergola and a patio to set the record straight. The main difference is that pergolas generally don’t have a roofing. A conventional pergola would have a deciduous grapevine, wisteria, climbing rose, or other plant growing through it, forming a living canopy overhead to protect you from the sun in summer and allowing the sun through in winter.

These days, however, pergola and patio are virtually interchangeable. If you want to call your outside entertainment area a pergola when it has a roof, go right ahead. If you call it a patio when it hasn’t a roof, we won’t correct you. The main thing is that you have an outside entertainment area that you can use to entertain and relax.

5 steps to the best Melbourne pergola

How can you make sure you design and build the best Melbourne pergola for your needs? Here are Outside Concepts’ 5 top tips:

  1. Getting the design of your new Melbourne pergola right will help ensure your outdoor living area is practical and looks great. To be practical, make sure your pergola will be large enough, is positioned on your block and/or against your house in the right spot, and takes into account aspects such as views, privacy, direction to the sun and prevailing weather. Make sure your pergola will match or complement your home to look great. This will involve looking at the roof style, features, colours and materials used in your existing home.
  2. Check to see if you will need local government approval. Many pergolas will require approval, so make sure you take this into account, particularly when considering the timing of the project. Outside Concepts can help smooth the process, as we understand the regulations in our local areas and can assist throughout the entire process.
  3. While you might prefer a traditional Melbourne pergola, with no roof, keep in mind that this is likely to restrict the use of your outdoor living area. One solution is to partially roof your structure so that you get the best of both worlds – protection from the elements while still having an area where you can catch some rays when the weather is conducive.
  4. While your structure is essential, don’t forget to think about the furniture and other assets that you’ll put in your pergola. Invest in good quality, comfortable furniture to spend all the time you want in your new Melbourne pergola. If space allows, you might also want to consider including a dining setting and lounge area.
  5. Consider adding elements such as lighting, a water feature, a garden area, pots, etc to your new Melbourne pergola to extend its use and create a space where you will feel relaxed and comfortable.

Your new pergola is only a phone call away.

When you’re ready to build your Melbourne pergola, patio or outdoor living area, give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674.

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A Melbourne pergola (or should that be patio?) built by Outside Concepts.
A Melbourne pergola built by Outside Concepts