Live in Adelaide? Then you’ll know the hard heat of a summer’s day.

And you’ll also understand the pleasure of deep shade.

This customer had previously tried shading this hot little corner of their house with shade sails. They had been replaced several times and decided to ‘get the job done properly’.

They called us here at Outside Concepts and Craig Arthur from Southern Branch answered the call. Not only did he design and build this generous hip-roofed patio using galvanized steel posts for extra strength, but he was able to address the customer’s concern about adding extra water load into the existing house gutter.

Craig designed a box gutter for the verandah that runs parallel to the house gutter. He paid particular attention to creating a watertight seal with the existing gutter to avoid any drips into the undercover area.

The customers stained rather than painted the timbers to better highlight the woodland grey Colorbond Roof Sheets, the diffused grey Suntuf Solarsmart polycarbonate and the cottage green of the gutters.

The customers used the area last night, after the 38 degree heat of the day and report they were relaxed and comfortable.

Ahh, the pleasure of a deeply shaded patio.