Whatever your outside project, polycarbonate roof panels can be a great product. We love to use it for carports, verandahs and pergolas, and particularly for a patio roof, to provide protection from the elements while still letting plenty of natural light in.

While letting natural light into your entertainment area or carport is perhaps its most obvious benefit, the advantages of polycarbonate roof sheeting don’t stop there. According to Laserlite, the third largest manufacturer of polycarbonate roof sheeting worldwide and a leading supplier in Australia, their polycarbonate sheeting:

  • Blocks out close to 100% of harmful UV rays.
  • Is lightweight and easy to install.
  • Comes in 3 profiles and several different colours or tints.
  • Helps to keep the inside of your structure cooler.

Laserlite is also strong – the company claims it’s 250 times stronger than glass – and they’re so confident in their polycarbonate roof sheeting that they provide a 10-year hail damage warranty. Which fits in nicely with Outside Concepts’ 10-year structural guarantee on everything we build!

While there is little argument about the advantages of polycarbonate roof sheeting, if there is a common grumble it’s about keeping the sheets clean. Leaves, twigs, dirt and other debris can make your beautiful clear patio roof look untidy, but with a little bit of maintenance – and care – you can keep your polycarbonate roof looking like new.

5 tips to keep your polycarbonate patio roof looking like new

  1. The first tip is not about cleaning it’s about safety. While care should always be taken when climbing on any roof, remember to never walk or apply load directly on polycarbonate roofing.
  2. Some products will affect polycarbonate roof sheeting so only use manufacture-approved products. Laserlite states that products such as methylated spirits, benzene, petrol, ketones, acetone, phenols, chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons, petroleum-based paints, abrasive cleaners and solvents should never be used to clean their polycarbonate roof sheets.
  3. The best product to use to clean your polycarbonate roof is simply warm water that has a mild detergent added. Apply with a soft sponge or soft brush and wipe up and down the sheets, not across. For many roofs, a long-handled brush will be required to do the job (just make sure it’s soft).
  4. Rinse down with water from your hose.
  5. For particularly dirty roofing, you may need to repeat the process.

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Polycarbonate patio roof sheeting is a great product and is a clear winner if you follow some simple maintenance tips.