We’ll Build a Carport to suit Your Style.

Our homes and cars are the two most expensive assets that we own. It is important to maintain their value. Building a home carport is an ideal way to look after these two important investments in a single shot.

A carport will add to your home’s value as well as protect your vehicles from the harsh Australian sunshine and bad weather. Studies have shown that cars that are parked beneath carports have a significantly higher resale and appraisal value.

Outside Concepts has been the first choice for Australian homeowners since 1991. Our reputation is built on our commitment to excellence.

Outside Concepts designs custom carports to fit the style and appearance of your home as well as to the space you have available. For this reason, we have an amazing variety of options for you to consider in choosing the best carport solution.

We use a wide range of quality materials, including steel, brick, timber, masonry, and more in our carport construction projects.

Design Limitation? No problems!

Outside Concepts can also work within design limitations due to heritage neighbourhoods or other local council considerations. Contact us to speak about the specific circumstances for your home’s new carport and how we can assist.

Which Carport type suits you? 

Outside Concepts will work with you to select and build the most appropriate carport type for your situation and requirements. 

flat roof carport

Flat Roof Carport

A flat roof carport is a simple and efficient structure designed to protect your car from the elements. It consists of a horizontal roof that is flat and level, supported by sturdy pillars on each corner.

The flat design is sleek and modern, making it a popular choice for contemporary homes. Made from materials like wood, metal, or a combination of both, this type of carport is durable and reliable, providing ample shade and shelter for your vehicle while also being easy to build and maintain.

It can also serve as a multifunctional space for outdoor gatherings or storage.

gable roof carport

Gable Roof Carport

A gable roof carport has a classic and simple design. It has a triangular-shaped roof that slopes down on two sides, looking like an upside-down V.

This type of roof is popular because it easily sheds rain and snow, keeping your car dry and protected. The gable roof carport is not just functional but also adds a nice touch to the look of your home, with its clean lines and traditional shape.

You can paint it any colour to match your house, making it a practical and attractive addition to your property.

Dutch gable carport

Dutch Gable Carport

A Dutch gable roof carport is a stylish and practical structure that combines the strength and simplicity of a gable roof with the elegance of a hip roof.

This type of carport has a standard gable roof at the top, which then transitions into a hip roof on the sides, offering additional protection and visual appeal.

The dual roof design adds architectural interest and provides extra shelter from the elements, making it a popular choice for homeowners looking to combine functionality with style in their carport.

The Dutch gable roof can also be enhanced with decorative elements for an added touch of elegance.

flat roof carport

Skillion Roof Carport

A skillion-roof carport has a simple yet modern design, characterised by its single, sloping roof.

The roof is often angled away from the house, ensuring efficient water runoff during rainy weather. Made from durable materials like metal or polycarbonate sheets, the skillion roof provides ample protection for your car from the sun, rain, and snow.

Its straightforward design makes it a popular choice for homeowners looking for something that’s both functional and stylish, without being too complex or expensive to build. The slanting design not only offers effective protection but also adds a contemporary aesthetic to the home’s exterior.

hip roof carport

Hip Roof Carport

A hip roof carport has a roof that slopes down on all four sides, forming a gentle peak at the top. It looks neat and tidy, adding a touch of elegance to the carport.

The slanting roof helps rain and snow slide off easily, preventing water from pooling up. This design is both practical and stylish, blending well with various home styles and enhancing the overall look of your outdoor space.

The hip roof carport is a popular choice for homeowners seeking a combination of function and aesthetic appeal.

Carport design considerations 

Outside Concepts can also work within design limitations due to heritage neighbourhoods or other local council considerations. Contact us to speak about the specific circumstances for your home’s new carport and how we can assist.

Local Conditions

When planning to build a new carport, selecting the right materials is essential to ensure durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. The first step is to consider the climate in your area. Weather conditions like rain, snow, sunshine, and wind play a significant role in determining which materials will be best suited.


The next aspect to consider is the maintenance of the carport. Different materials require varied levels of care. Wood, for instance, might need regular treatment to prevent rot and pests, while metal can be more resistant but might require treatments to avoid rust. Always weigh the maintenance needs against your willingness and ability to maintain the carport to ensure it remains in excellent condition over the years.


Budget is another crucial factor. The cost of materials can vary widely, so it’s essential to establish a budget early in the planning process. While it might be tempting to go for the cheapest option, it’s often worth investing in quality materials that will be durable and require less maintenance in the long run. Strike a balance between quality and affordability to get the best value for your money.


Aesthetics should also be a consideration. The carport should complement the existing design and architecture of your home. Consider the colour, texture, and style of various materials and how they will blend with or enhance your home’s exterior. It’s always helpful to visualize the completed carport, considering how it will fit into the broader landscape of your property.

Environmental impact

Lastly, consider the environmental impact of the materials you choose. Some materials are more eco-friendly than others. For instance, recycled or sustainable materials can be a good choice if you want to minimise your carport’s environmental footprint. Always consider the long-term impact, including the durability and recyclability of the materials once they have served their purpose. Making a well-informed choice ensures that your carport is functional, beautiful, and kind to the environment.

Which materials could you use in your carport? 


Even a relatively simple structure like a carport can contain a diverse range of materials. These need to be carefully selected to suit the design, your budget, the locale and any legislated building requirements. Your Outside Concepts franchisee will help you make these important decisions before the carport build commences.


Metal is a popular choice for carports due to its durability and low maintenance. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and is resistant to fire, rot, and pests. The most common metals used are steel and aluminium. Steel is extremely strong and can support heavier loads, making it ideal for areas with heavy snowfall. Aluminium is lighter and corrosion-resistant, making it a good choice for coastal areas.


Timber offers a classic and natural look that can help blend the carport with many home styles. It’s versatile and can be easily customized in terms of design and size. However, wood requires regular maintenance to prevent rot, warping, and pest infestations. Treated wood or naturally durable species like cedar can be good options for longevity.

Polycarbonate and Plastic

These materials are used for the roofing of carports. Polycarbonate is a solid thermoplastic material that is lightweight and provides good protection from the sun and rain. It’s available in various colours and can be transparent or opaque. Plastic panels are also an option for those looking for a more budget-friendly solution.


Fibreglass panels are sometimes used for roofing due to their durability and ability to let natural light pass through. They are more impact-resistant than glass and can be a good option for areas prone to hail.

PVC or Vinyl

These materials are used for the siding or roofing of carports. They are lightweight, low maintenance, and resistant to rot and corrosion. They can also be a more cost-effective option compared to other materials.

Brick or Stone

These materials are often used for the pillars or supports of the carport, providing a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing structure. They can be matched to the existing home exterior for a cohesive look.


Concrete is a popular choice for the foundation or flooring of the carport due to its strength and durability. It can support heavy vehicles and withstand wear and tear over time. Concrete can be finished in various ways to improve its appearance and match the overall design of the carport.

Advantages of building a Carport

Building a carport is a practical addition for many homes. Here are some of the key advantages building a carport offers for your property:

Vehicle Protection

Carports protect vehicles from various weather elements such as sun, rain, snow, and hail. This protection can help preserve the vehicle’s paint job and reduce the risk of damage from falling branches or debris.


Generally, constructing a carport is less expensive than building a garage. Carports require fewer materials and labour, making them a budget-friendly option for vehicle protection.

Versatile Use

While primarily used for vehicle protection, carports can also serve as a versatile outdoor space. They can be used for entertaining, as a shaded play area for children or outdoor storage.

Aesthetic Appeal

A well-designed carport can enhance the overall appearance of your property. It can be customised to complement the style of your home, adding to its curb appeal.

Reduced Maintenance

Compared to a full enclosed garage, a carport typically requires less maintenance. Since it is an open structure, it does not have doors or windows that need upkeep, and its more straightforward construction means fewer parts that could require repair or replacement.

Easy to Install

Carports can be easier and quicker to install than full garages. Professional installation can be completed in a shorter timeframe than constructing a garage.

Space Efficiency

Carports have a smaller footprint than garages, which can be advantageous for properties with limited space. This efficiency allows homeowners to maximize their outdoor area without sacrificing vehicle protection.

Flexibility in Design

Carports offer flexibility in terms of design and placement. They can be attached to the home or freestanding and come in various sizes and styles to suit different needs and preferences.

Improved Ventilation

Since carports are open structures, they provide better ventilation than enclosed garages. This can be especially beneficial in hot climates, as it helps to keep the vehicle and the space cooler.

Increases Property Value

Adding a carport can potentially increase the value of your property. It’s an attractive feature for potential buyers who may appreciate the added convenience and vehicle protection.

When considering a carport, it’s important to choose a design and material that aligns with your specific needs, local climate, and the architecture of your home. Additionally, it’s essential to check any local building codes or homeowners’ association rules that may apply to constructing a carport on your property.

Carport Customisations

Do you value individualisation? Consider these ideas for building a carport that fits you and your families uniqueness.

Innovative Architectural Features

Carport customisation can start with unique architectural features that enhance functionality and augment aesthetic appeal.

Consider incorporating unconventional roof designs, such as curved or asymmetrical shapes, to create a striking visual impact.

Utilising transparent or translucent materials like polycarbonate for roofing can introduce a play of light and shadow, adding an artistic element.

For homes with limited space, foldable or retractable carport structures can be a practical yet modern solution, offering flexibility when space is a premium.

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Beyond Vehicle Protection

Carports need not be confined to vehicle protection alone. With thoughtful design, they can double as outdoor living spaces.

Consider adding side panels that can be lowered for privacy or protection against the elements, transforming the carport into a cozy nook for social gatherings.

Installing hooks or racks can turn the space into a convenient storage area for bikes, gardening tools, or sports equipment.

For environmentally conscious homeowners, installing rainwater harvesting systems on the carport roof can be a practical and sustainable addition.

Environmental Considerations

In the realm of customization, environmental considerations are increasingly crucial. Opting for eco-friendly materials like recycled steel or sustainable wood can minimise the environmental impact.

Planting a green roof or integrating climbing plants around the structure can help blend the carport with the natural surroundings, providing additional insulation and enhancing biodiversity.

These environmentally conscious choices contribute to sustainability and add a unique aesthetic to the carport design.

Smart Home Integration

In the era of smart homes, integrating technology into carports is a forward-thinking customization. Imagine a carport equipped with automated lighting, solar-powered motion sensors, or security cameras, all controlled via a smartphone app.

Smart charging stations for electric vehicles can be seamlessly integrated, making the carport a multifunctional space.

Weather-responsive features, such as automated roof panels that adjust according to sunlight or rain, can enhance the carport’s adaptability and user comfort.

Artistic and Cultural Elements

Customising carports can also involve incorporating artistic or cultural elements into the design. This could mean using colour schemes that complement the house, landscaping, or even mural paintings on carport walls that reflect personal tastes or cultural heritage.

Such artistic touches personalise the space and make it an extension of the home’s character and the owner’s identity.

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