If you want a quick and convenient decking solution why not use Quick Deck?

Quick Deck over paved area by Outside Concepts Dandenong

Quick Deck over paved area by Outside Concepts Dandenong

This well-designed, attractive outdoor deck in Hallam, Victoria is constructed using Quick Deck. This Australian company manufactures a variety of decking modules in a range of sizes using Australian hardwood. The Quick Deck modules are supplied oiled and pre-drilled to allow onsite bolting to ensure installation costs are kept to a minimum. All decks have adjustable legs and are suitable for hard and uneven surfaces.

Quick Deck is perfect to use when you want a raised decking platform at the same level as the house or to blend indoors and outdoors. It’s also useful in defining an outdoor area within a larger existing paved or concreted space in order to allocate it as a dining or informal seating area. Which is exactly what this home owner opted to do. By working closely with Rohan Burch from Outside Concepts Dandenong, they created this delightful and sheltered deck, discretely screened and protected from neighbours.

Outside Concepts carefully measured the allocated area to calculate the number and configuration of modules required. In this case, installation was a relatively simple matter given that the area to be decked was already paved. If you are covering uneven ground or decking directly over soil, levelling the area with care and compacting the surface will give a better-finished result.

Quick Deck can be used in a number of other situations, such as an entry deck or as small access decks into laundries, sheds or the children’s cubbies. They look perfect used as stepping platforms through gardens or gravel paths and can be used under an outdoor shower so that your feet remain dirt and grass free.

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