When you decide you want a new Canberra outdoor structure – whether it’s a pergola, patio, verandah, carport or deck – like most people you probably want it straight away. So how quickly can Outside Concepts build a new outdoor structure for you?

We asked Tony Cibiras, Branch Manager for Canberra Southside, and while the answer obviously depends somewhat on the type and size of the structure, he says many people would be surprised at how quickly it can happen.

“The big question is whether the structure needs planning and building approvals,” Tony says. “If it doesn’t, I can build your new Canberra outdoor structure very quickly.”

So just how quickly can a new Canberra outdoor structure be built?

Tony uses two recent outdoor projects as examples. The first involved clients in Bonython, ACT, who wanted Outside Concepts to build them a new timber arbour over their veggie patch. They agreed to go ahead on a Monday evening and Tony and his team finished the arbour by Friday in the same week.

In the second example, a client in Chapman, ACT, wanted a pergola replaced. From the time the client gave the go ahead, it took 20 days for Tony’s team to remove the existing pergola and replace it with a new one. They even managed to save the grapevine that covered the old pergola and re-hang it when the new one was built!

How quickly can you have your new Canberra outdoor structure? Pretty quickly, we would say!

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How quickly can a Canberra outdoor structure be built?

A new Canberra outdoor structure can be built quite quickly, particularly if no council permits are required.