One of the big trends in outdoor living, when it comes to patios, is the flat roof structure. It goes so well with the modern and contemporary homes that are going up in their hundreds in the Brisbane area and sits just as well against many older homes.

If you’re considering building a new flat roof covered patio for your Brisbane home, when it comes to roofing options, there are many to choose from and it’s not just tile, metal or polycarbonate. These days other options are worth considering to improve the look and functionality of your patio.

Brisbane Northside flat roof patio roofing options

  • A metal roof is a great choice and is probably the most widely used option. It’s strong, durable, resistant to rust and looks great.
  • Roofing tiles are perhaps the next most popular option and if your home has a tiled roof, it’s likely one you’ll consider. A patio with a tiled roof will generally be more expensive, as the structure needs to be beefed up to carry the extra weight, but when you consider their durability it’s often worth the investment.
  • Polycarbonate is another popular option and is particularly useful if your Brisbane flat roof patio could benefit from more natural light.
  • If climate control and spending more time on your patio are essential, you should consider insulated roof panels. While there are different options on the market, generally they feature a polystyrene core sandwiched between a steel roofing sheet and an attractive underside. As well as making your Brisbane flat roof patio more comfortable in summer and winter, the insulated roof panels are also an attractive option, with the interior ceiling providing a stylish finish.
  • Flexibility is the main benefit of another option for your flat roof patio, called a louvred roof. Like insulated roofing panels, there are several options on the market, but most feature louvre blades that can be closed and opened with the touch of a button. This gives you complete control over the elements. In rain or scorching sun, close the roof. On a nice day, open the louvres up.
  • Retractable roofs are another option, if flexibility is important for you, with a roof that stacks or retracts when open, a bit like stacking doors.
  • A quick and easy way to add flexibility to your new Brisbane patio, or an existing one, is with an extendable awning. They provide the flexibility of a retractable roof without the higher price tag.

Want to know more about flat roof patio options in Brisbane?

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Open up your outdoor living options with a flat roof covered patio for your Brisbane home. Outside Concepts can show you how.
Open up your outdoor living options with a flat roof-covered patio for your Brisbane home. Outside Concepts can show you how.