Life can be stressful, so when you get the chance to take a break (such as on summer holidays!) having a relaxing patio is a great idea. So, whether you have an existing patio or you are considering designing and building a new one, here are our tips to make it the relaxing sanctuary you are looking for.

5 tips to a relaxing patio

  1. A key element to relaxation is comfort. Let’s face it, you could have the best patio and surrounds, but if you’ve chairs that are hard as concrete it’s not going to be relaxing. So, comfort is our number one tip. Comfort means having good furniture, being able to get out of the sun and the elements, and also controlling the temperature (outdoor blinds, heaters, fans, etc) when the weather’s hot or cold.
  2. While essentially hammocks and hanging chairs are outdoor furniture, we reckon they deserve their own section. Why? Because when you install a hammock or hanging chair in your patio, hop in after a tough day at work, close your eyes and sway around, we reckon the stress will be swept away in no time!
  3. It’s difficult to relax in your patio when it’s noisy. While the noise from around your home may be able to be controlled, noise from roads and neighbours can be more difficult to overcome (see our recent post, Shush… We’re enjoying our outdoor living area). One idea is to create some soothing sounds to help mask the disturbing noise, such as relaxing music, a water feature, nature sounds or wind chimes.
  4. It’s also difficult to relax in a patio when the light is very bright. In fact, studies have shown that exposure to bright light can increase alertness – great when you’re working and doing activities, but not so good when you’re trying to relax. So, in your patio, try to create a softer light. A roof on your patio or an umbrella will obviously help, but in addition you might also need outdoor blinds, vegetation and screening.
  5. Your patio mightn’t be the relaxing place you’re looking for if your family are also using the space. So, perhaps you need a space all of your own. A quiet corner, balcony or small patio may be just the relaxing space you need. Add a comfy chair (or hammock or hanging chair), a small table where you can put a drink, and some cover, and you may never need to go inside again!

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Relax in your patio with these tips from Outside Concepts