If you’re like a lot of Australians, you love to holiday in an Asian resort, where the toughest decision you need to make it what to eat for dinner. Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring the resort feel back to your Sydney home?

Well, you can. While Outside Concepts can’t help with the luxurious pool and spa treatments, or cook your dinner, we can build you a pergola that will make you feel like you’re back in Asia, at any time of the year.

These tips will explain how to create an Asian resort-style pergola for your Sydney home.

6 tips for an Asian-style pergola

  1. If you already have a pergola for your home, read on. If you don’t, consider building your new pergola from timber and oiling or staining the timber to keep its natural character. Large timber posts and beams will help to create the Asian-resort feel that you’re looking for. While timber will need maintenance in the form of re-oiling or re-staining every two or three years, it’s not an onerous job and will keep your pergola looking as good as new. To top it off (actually, bottom it off, but that doesn’t sound as good!) add a timber deck with rich natural colours.
  2. When it comes to choosing furniture, go for timber, wicker and natural fabrics that will enhance the relaxed feel of your pergola. In addition, if you have the space, include a swing seat or a hammock. What a great way to relax!
  3. Lighting will help to create a relaxed feel for your pergola at night. Integrated lighting is always a great option, but options such as string lights, paper lanterns, candle lights and garden spot lights can work better if you’re looking to create an Asian-style pergola.
  4. While Sydney’s temperature is generally temperate, realistically our year-round weather doesn’t match most Asian resort destinations. So, installing heating might be a must for you. Even better, something as simple as a fire pit or brazier will do the job and add enormously to the relaxed atmosphere you’re trying to create. Conversely, in hot weather, installing cooling can also be beneficial. Again, it doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive. A simple misting system may suffice.
  5. Asian resorts will always have a luxurious pool and while you may not have the space or budget to have one in your backyard, you can add a water feature. A water feature with running water can look impressive, add to the relaxed atmosphere and help block noise.
  6. Privacy is key to relaxation, so if the pergola at your Sydney home lacks privacy, add screening in the form of plants or timber screens. Another excellent option is outdoor blinds, which will help create an outdoor living area you can use all year round.
  7. You can’t have an Asian-style pergola without greenery. Creating a tropical-look garden is just as much about foliage as it is flowers, and plants such as palms and ferns are a must. Also consider bamboo, cordyline, clivia, bromeliads and other plants that will thrive in the Sydney climate.

Create your dream pergola with Outside Concepts Lane Cove

If you’re looking to build a pergola for your Sydney home, Outside Concepts Lane Cove is your perfect partner.

Our Lane Cove branch services the northern areas of Sydney and branch owner Oliver has over 25-years of experience in the building industry behind him. Creating a better outdoor living environment for Sydney homeowners is what Oliver does and he can help you build the pergola of your dreams.

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Create an Asian-style pergola for your Sydney home and you’ll feel like you’re on holidays all year round.
Create an Asian-style pergola for your Sydney home and you’ll feel like you’re on holidays all year round.