With summer only a week or so from officially beginning, the temperature is only going to go one way from now until March or April next year, and that’s up. So does this mean you should stay inside as much as possible by the air conditioning? No way. Embrace the heat and get into your Busselton outdoor living area more often with outdoor blinds.

The benefits of outdoor blinds in Busselton in summer

Why should you invest in a set of outdoor blinds for your Busselton home? There are many reasons to consider outdoor blinds and here are just the main ones:

  • Outdoor blinds will help to reduce the temperature inside your outdoor living area. This will mean you can spend more time entertaining and relaxing, even when the weather is hot.
  • Outdoor blinds are great for your outdoor areas, but perhaps even more advantageous for your indoors. When installed on the windows of your Busselton home, outdoor blinds will prevent a significant amount of heat from entering your home. This makes outdoor blinds more effective than indoor blinds at regulating the inside temperature. Outdoor blinds, particularly on windows exposed to sun, will keep conditions more comfortable inside and also help to keep a lid on cooling bills.
  • Hot weather also means an increase in mosquitoes and other pests. A set of good-fitting outdoor blinds will help to keep mossies out. After all, no one invited them to the party!
  • Entry of rain and wind into your Busselton outdoor living area will also be reduced with outdoor blinds.
  • While summer is top of mind now, think of outdoor blinds as a 365-day of the year investment, because they also help to keep the heat inside your outdoor living area during cold weather.
  • They’re also great for privacy, if your outdoor area is exposed to neighbours of passers-by.

Custom outdoor blinds is what we do

Get your outdoor blinds from a homeware store or from some dealers and you better hope that your area is, shall we say, average. Not with Outside Concepts, however. We pride ourselves on providing customised solutions and this is no more apparent than with our blinds.

If your outdoor living area or window isn’t a standard size, is a different shape or has some other aspect that simply can’t be solved with standard, off-the-shelf blinds, we can help. In fact, when it comes to outdoor blinds our Busselton Branch are specialists. While all our branches sell outdoor blinds, for our Busselton guys it’s all they do, so they know outdoor blinds and awnings, inside and out.

Contact Outside Concepts Busselton Branch by phoning 1800 601 674 or by going to their website page and submitting a contact form.

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Outdoor Blinds for your Busselton home will be a winner this summer to keep the temperatures down.
Outdoor Blinds for your Busselton home will be a winner this summer to keep the temperatures down.