While many of the projects undertaken by Outside Concepts are relatively standard outdoor structures, projects regularly come along that call on some ‘out of the box’ thinking, special materials or special skills.

Such was the case when a homeowner contacted Richard Narborough, from our Sutherland Shire Branch in NSW. On the surface the project appeared simple: Erect a pergola, connected to the house over an existing concrete area. What made the project more interesting – and more challenging – was a large rock face that backs on to the property. The rock face not only limited the amount of space available for the pergola, it also limited the amount of light. The homeowners were keen to maximise the available light and provide an outside space that would feel spacious and airy.

The solution delivered by Richard, was twofold. Firstly, he built a pergola with a roof pitched upwards, away from the house, rather than the traditional method of sloping the roof downwards. And secondly, he fitted a combination of polycarbonate and Colorbond roofing to the pergola.

The result is an attractive and useful outdoor space that lets natural light into the pergola while practically eliminating harmful UV rays. It’s provided a perfect space for the homeowners to entertain and relax… Or contemplate the next ascent up the rock face!

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Pergola by Outside Concepts