We don’t need to tell you this, but Canberra can get terribly cold in winter. In fact, our average minimum temperature in July is zero, and it’s not a lot better in June and August. Which is why choosing roller shutters in Canberra is a cool decision.

What are Roller Shutters?

Roller shutters are shutters that are placed above the window or a door and roll down to cover and protect the window or door as needed. The shutters can be made from different types of material including metal. But the most common types are aluminium and steel. It’s also available in a wide range of colours and patterns so it could blend in with your Canberra home very well. Roller shutters can be operated using a manual winder. These are more of the traditional ones. But roller shutters can be operated using some form of a motorised system such as a control panel or using a remote control.

The advantages of roller shutters in Canberra

Better Insulation

One of the biggest benefits of fitting roller shutters in Canberra is their insulation qualities. In winter, which we’re fast approaching, it’s all about keeping the heat inside your home, and roller shutters do an excellent job of this. That’s because windows are a major contributor to heat loss inside your home. Cover your windows with well-designed roller shutters – like the ones provided by Outside Concepts – and you’ll certainly appreciate the extra warmth inside your home. You’ll also enjoy the reduced energy bills!

Roller Shutters Provide Security

Another great reason to install roller shutters into your Canberra home is it provides excellent security. Outside Concepts install roller shutters that tightly fit to your door or window so that it cannot be pulled without using a lot of force. Aside from being a great barrier from home invaders, they are also an excellent visual deterrent because it would discourage the intruders from entering your home right when they see your roller shutters.

Helps in Energy Saving

Summers in Canberra are a little humid and quite balmy during night time. But during winter, the temperature could drop to below 0’c during the evening. This calls for a reliable roller shutter to keep in the warmth or the air conditioning inside your home during these seasons. Without roller shutters, 70% of your heat and 46% of the cold air coming from your air conditioning system is leaving your home through your windows and doors. Roller shutters greatly reduce this while also reducing the energy consumption. Aside from keeping the right temperature inside your home, roller shutters also do an excellent job at keeping the elements from entering. Sudden gusts of wind, dust, heat and cold can be prevented from entering your home with the help of roller shutters. During the summer when the air conditioning units are up and running, households without roller shutters are unable to control the heat. This makes the air conditioning system work harder and eventually makes them overheat. With roller shutters installed, you can save as much as 64% in energy consumption every year.

Other advantages of roller shutters in Canberra include:

  • Those same excellent insulation qualities come into play during hot weather. Roller shutters will keep hot air out and cold air inside a home.
  • Roller shutters will also prevent direct sun from entering your home. This will also help keep your home more comfortable in summer and contribute to reducing energy bills.
  • Windows – whether they are locked or not – are a key target for thieves. Roller shutters are therefore a great security choice. As well as being tough for criminals to penetrate, roller shutters will deter thieves from targeting your home in the first place.
  • Live in a noisy area? Whether it’s road noise, noisy neighbours or other sound pollution, much of the noise is coming through your windows. The same insulation that is so beneficial in winter and summer is also beneficial in reducing the outside noise from entering your home.


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