Is it just us or has the heat come earlier this year? There is certainly no use complaining about the heat as we have another four or five months of warmer weather to come, but there is merit in doing something about it, such as installing roller shutters and outdoor blinds on your home.

Installing roller shutters and outdoor blinds makes a lot of sense for many reasons, and we’ll take a look at these soon. Perhaps the number one benefit, however, is that these products do a great job of keeping your home and your outdoor living area cooler.

According to the Australian Government’s YourHome website, up to 87 per cent of heat is gained through windows. This extraordinary statistic explains why a window that is exposed to direct sun on a hot day can feel so hot, and clearly a lot of that heat passes through to your home.

In the case of roller shutters, they can completely control the influx of solar heat entering your home. On a hot day, and particularly when a window is exposed to direct sun, completely closing the roller shutter will drop the temperature inside.

An outdoor blind can do a similar job, by helping to reduce a window’s direct exposure to sun. While they’re perhaps not quite as effective as roller shutters in doing this, they do have the added advantage of allowing you to see out and letting light in. Outdoor blinds are particularly effective when installed on outdoor living areas, allowing you to relax and entertain even on hot days.

Both roller shutters and outdoor blinds can not only help you stay more comfortable this summer (and for the next ten or more summers), they’ll also help you reduce energy costs.

Benefits of roller shutters installed on a home

  • Reduce the entry of solar heat and UV light from entering your home during warmer days.
  • Reduce heat loss during cooler weather. When you consider that, according to Sustainability Victoria, a single pane of glass can lose nearly ten times as much heat as the same area of insulated wall, clearly roller shutters are just as valuable in winter as they are in summer.
  • With 70 per cent of home intrusions happening through windows, roller shutters will help reduce your chances of being burgled.
  • Roller shutters installed on a home will also reduce noise entry.

Benefits of outdoor blinds installed on a home

  • Reduce heat entering a home or outdoor living area in hotter months and reduce heat escaping in the cooler months.
  • Outdoor blinds can also help furniture – both indoor and outdoor – from bleaching UV rays.
  • Outdoor blinds installed on a patio or pergola will help prevent wind and rain from entering.
  • Help reduce noise and increase privacy.

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Installing roller shutters and outdoor blinds on your home will help you combat the heat.
Installing roller shutters and outdoor blinds on your home will help you combat the heat.