In bygone eras (yes that’s right, back before smartphones were invented!) choosing a roof for your new verandah was a pretty simple task. Today, less so, but nobody is complaining. That’s because if you’re in the market for a new a Sydney pergola, there’s a roof option that will help you get the most of your outdoor space.

Looking for roof ideas for your new Sydney pergola? Outside Concepts has you covered, with this rundown on the main options that are available.

Discover a myriad of Sydney pergola roof ideas

As highlighted in the introduction, it wasn’t that long ago that there were few options for pergola roofs. In fact, there were three main roofing materials to choose. The first and most popular was a metal roof, such as Zincalume or Colorbond. Next came polycarbonate, or other clear roofing material, and roofing tiles.

These three materials are still available today – and are still very popular – however the number of choices has exploded. Here’s a rundown if you’re looking for roof ideas for your Sydney pergola:

  • A metal roof remains a classic and cost-effective choice for covering a pergola and is still probably the most popular roofing material for outdoor structures. Known for its strength, durability and rust resistance, it seamlessly complements a variety of home styles.
  • Tiles roofs are just as durable and long-lasting and have a lot of aesthetic appeal, especially if your home has a tiled roof. There is a cost… And it’s the cost. Tiled roofs are slightly pricier due to the need for a robust structure
  • Polycarbonate roofing is a great option if your Sydney pergola will reside in a shaded area. Clear roofing sheets allow natural light to flood the structure, creating a brighter ambiance. The other point to make about polycarbonate roofing material is there are far more options to choose today, compared with say 20 years ago. You can even install polycarbonate that looks like glass, without the worry of breakage in a hailstorm!
  • Insulated roof panels are another roof idea that is growing in popularity. Featuring a polystyrene core sandwiched between steel roofing sheets, insulated roof panels ensure comfort year-round. This option enhances temperature control while providing an attractive interior ceiling finish.
  • If it’s flexibility you are after, louvred roofs are unparalleled. They allow effortless adjustment of louvre blades to control sunlight and ventilation according to your preferences.
  • Other options for flexibility include retractable roofs that stack or retract when open as well as extendable awnings. The later can be particularly good if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option. Today’s extendable awnings are much larger and can be fitted with sensors that can automatically open in windy conditions and close when rain is detected.
  • Another budget-friendly, flexible option is a shade, like the Surya retractable system pictured on this page.
  • Who says your Sydney pergola must have a roof? In fact, more traditional pergolas don’t and often feature beams with deciduous climbers twining through them. A sans-roof pergola can limit the time you can spend under your pergola, but it works for some.

Raising the roof on Sydney pergolas

There’s one Sydney pergola builder that is always abreast of the latest trends and options that are available in the market, and that’s Outside Concepts.

If you live in the northern areas of Sydney the person to contact is Oliver from our Lane Cove branch. He’s been in the building industry for approaching 30 years and his experience and knowledge will ensure your pergola is perfect for you and your home.

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Looking for roof ideas for your new Sydney pergola? Outside Concepts and our Lane Cove Branch have your covered.
Looking for roof ideas for your new Sydney pergola? Outside Concepts and our Lane Cove Branch have your covered.