When scorching temperatures hit in Sydney, maintaining a cool patio area might seem challenging, but it’s entirely achievable. Smart planning and the inclusion of some extra features can transform your space and allow you to stay relaxing and entertaining outside for longer.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on cooling your Sydney patio during the summer heat, thanks to Outside Concepts Lane Cove:

  1. While our first tip is a bit late if you already have a patio, if you’re considering building a new one it’s great advice – consider where you’ll locate your patio carefully. Optimal planning begins well before construction. Assess factors like seasonal temperatures, sun angles and the direction of the hottest winds in your area. Additionally, evaluate the impact of surrounding buildings and trees. Generally, a west-facing area tends to be hotter, while south-facing spaces are cooler (though less ideal in winter).
  2. The number one tip to keep your patio cooler is to incorporate a roof or other shade cover in your outdoor space. The temperature difference between shaded and exposed areas can range from 5 to 8 degrees Celsius, playing a significant role in comfort levels. If you want flexibility, consider features like extendable awnings, retractable roof systems and louvred roofs.
  3. If specific sides of your house absorb excessive heat, strategically place a roofed patio in these locations. While it might raise the temperature of your outdoor area slightly, it could considerably lower your home’s interior heat.
  4. Installing modern, hi-tech outdoor blinds in your Sydney patio will make a big difference in the temperature inside your space. Unlike traditional plastic café blinds, contemporary versions excel in temperature regulation, keeping your outdoor space cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Contact Outside Concepts for quotes on outdoor blinds.
  5. Install ceiling fans in your outdoor area for a cost-effective cooling solution. These fans help to keep cooler air flowing throughout your patio and are cheap to operate. Other cooling options include misting systems (you can even integrate these into the ceiling of your patio), evaporative coolers and portable fans.
  6. On hot days, consider moving your barbecue away from your immediate patio area. This prevents unnecessary heat build-up and keeps your outdoor gatherings more comfortable.
  7. Another excellent option to consider if you’re adding a new patio is insulated roofing panels. These panels – which feature an insulating core – do a great job of reducing the temperature inside your outdoor living area.

Keep your cool with Outside Concepts

Here’s another way to keep your cool if you’re considering adding a new patio for your Sydney home. Contact Outside Concepts.

We make the process easy. In fact, after the initial meeting where we discuss your needs and ideas, we’ll take care of the rest. We can even look after the council planning process for you.

You can simply look forward to spending time in your new, cool Sydney patio!

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Keeping your cool in your Sydney patio can be easier than you think, with these seven tips from Outside Concepts.
Keeping your cool in your Sydney patio can be easier than you think, with these seven tips from Outside Concepts.