If you’re considering building a carport for your Brisbane home, there are several key decisions that will either make or break your project. What are the key decisions and how do you make sure you get them right?

We’ll look at the decisions in this post. In addition, we’ll examine the single biggest decision you are facing: How to choose the best carport builder in Brisbane to take care of your project.

Key Brisbane carport decisions

  1. Location matters: The ideal spot for your carport hinges on your household’s needs and your property layout. Generally, positioning it closer to the house is advantageous. This will mean less travel when unloading groceries or luggage.
  2. Choosing between adjoining or freestanding: Whether your carport is attached or stands independently depends on your home and land. A carport attached to your house usually offers better protection against the elements. It also ticks the location box.
  3. Size and future needs: Consider the present and future. While a single carport might suffice now, think about accommodating additional vehicles like trailers or caravans down the track.
  4. Harmonious style: Most importantly, choose a carport design that suits your home’s aesthetics. Match or complement your house’s design elements, like the roofline, materials and colours for a seamless look.
  5. Material choices: Choose wisely based on maintenance and aesthetics. Timber offers visual appeal but requires maintenance, while steel is durable and requires minimal upkeep. For the roof, explore options like tiles, Colorbond, or polycarbonate based on your home’s style. You might also consider insulated roof panels to keep your carport and cars cool.
  6. Regulations and approvals: Before delving too deep, check local council regulations. It’s likely you will require planning approval and rules regarding location, size, materials and other factors can potentially impact your plans.

A new Brisbane carport in one step

Now that we’ve taken care of those key decisions, how about the biggest decision of all. How to choose the best carport builder in Brisbane?

This is perhaps the easiest decision of all because Outside Concepts is the number one choice.

Not only are we Brisbane’s premier carport builder, but we’ll also make the process simple and stress-free. This includes guiding you through all the decisions outlined above, adding our significant experience and expertise, and creating a free design for a carport that will perfectly match or complement your home.

Creating a carport that aligns perfectly with your needs and enhances your property will make your new carport the best it can be. Just as importantly, it will add significant value to your home. So, you’ll win now and you’ll win in the future.

For a free, no-obligation discussion, quote and design, phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 and we’ll organise for our local branch to contact you. If you live in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, this will be Martin Harris from our North Brisbane branch.

From concept to clean up, you can rely on us. Give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 to organise a free quote.

Six steps or one to the best Brisbane carport. The choice is yours!
Six steps or one to the best Brisbane carport. The choice is yours!