If you’ve been doing your relaxing or entertaining on grass, sand, mud or pebbles, or your current outdoor living area is more shabby than chic, it’s time to think about getting some timber under your feet. Yes, that’s right, it’s time for a new Melbourne timber deck.

There are so many advantages in choosing a timber deck over other possible choices. Prime amongst them is that timber looks superb. If you want wow factor, timber will give it to you in spades. Yes, there’s a bit of maintenance required to keep this look, but it’s quick and easy and it will keep your timber deck looking brand new for many years or decades.

Other advantages of a timber deck for your Melbourne home include:

  • You’ll love your new timber deck and so too will any potential future owners of your home. In most areas of Australia, and certainly in a city like Melbourne, you’ll generally recoup the cost of installing a timber deck when you sell your home. Often, you’ll make much more.
  • A new timber deck for your Melbourne home will create a space for relaxation and entertainment. You’ll soon find you’ll be spending more time outside than inside.
  • Timber doesn’t just great look, it’s strong. The same maintenance that’s required to keep your deck looking good will also ensure it stays strong and durable for decades.
  • Cost-wise, a timber deck can often be cheaper than other alternatives.
  • Timber is more forgiving on your feet and any items you drop.

If you’re now convinced that a new timber deck is exactly what you need for your Melbourne home, how do you go about it? Let’s look at our 6-step process.

6 steps to the perfect Melbourne deck

  1. In some local council areas you might not need approval to build a deck, but often you will. Check with your local council on their rules and if you require approval get it started as it can take some time.
  2. Consider the location of your new timber deck. If you’ve got sliding doors off your indoor living area the location is probably a no-brainer, but if you don’t the options may be more open. Also consider aspects such as privacy and which direction the deck will face from the house, particularly in relation to the sun.
  3. Size is the next all-important consideration. On today’s smaller blocks you may be compromised on how big your deck can be, so you’ll need to be even more careful with your planning. A good idea is to lay out your furniture, bbq and any other items you want to have on your deck in position on the ground. Then move around the items to ensure you have enough space for walkways and everything isn’t an uncomfortable squeeze.
  4. Next, choose your timber. Merbau is a common choice because it’s cost-effective and looks great, but Australian hardwoods are also worth considering. If you’re on a budget, treated pine is worth looking at. You could also consider composite decking, which doesn’t need oiling, staining or painting and therefore is even more low-maintenance.
  5. Now it’s time to start building, starting with the structure and then moving on to laying out of the timber decking boards.
  6. Treat your new timber deck with oil, stain or paint to help maintain its beauty and provide protection. With oil and stain you’ll need to repeat this process every year or so, but it’s a simple and quick task.

The one-stop timber deck process

Want a timber deck for your Berwick home that’s only one step? Simple, contact Darren Cooper at Outside Concept’s Berwick branch. To be fair, it’s a little more than one step. You will also need to sit down with Darren to go over your requirements, but it’s a lot easier than doing the job yourself. Dare we say it, we also think Darren will do a much better job!

Call Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 and get your Melbourne deck project underway.

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Six steps or one for your new Melbourne timber deck. The choice is yours!
Six steps or one for your new Melbourne timber deck. The choice is yours!