There are many ways people use their outdoor living areas and one of the most popular is for eating. In fact, many people eat outside more often than inside when the weather turns warmer.

Want to improve your alfresco dining lifestyle? The trick is to create an outdoor living area that’s comfortable and inviting. Here are Outside Concepts 6 key tips to create an alfresco area in your backyard:

  1. Furniture is a key factor for any outdoor living area and particularly when you’ll be eating outside regularly. While some people don’t mind eating on their laps, most like to sit at a table to eat, so an outdoor table and chairs is likely to be a must. While comfort is the most important factor, choose furnishings in a style that match or complement your patio, verandah or pergola.
  2. Those who like to eat outside generally love to cook outside, too. So, equip yourself with a good barbecue that’s large enough for your family’s needs.
  3. You most likely considered carefully the layout of your inside dining room and lounge and you should take the same care outside. Layout is important, particularly in a small space. Try to provide plenty of space around furniture so people don’t feel cramped.
  4. Don’t stop at comfortable furniture, also think about aspects such as the elements, light, noise, and insects. Items such as heaters in cooler weather, fans in warmer weather, outdoor blinds, lighting, water features and screening can all help to increase comfort and help keep you outside longer.
  5. For special alfresco gatherings, or every day if you like, set your outdoor table like you would inside. Ditch the paper plates and plastic cutlery and get out your finest crockery and cutlery. Life’s too short to compromise!
  6. Tidy up your outdoor living area surrounds. Develop a nice garden surrounding your patio, verandah or pergola, or add some stylish pots and plants.

If you need a new outdoor living area to bring your dreams of an alfresco lifestyle to life, give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674. We build customised solutions for individual needs, and provide a free quote and design.

Note: The term alfresco simply means enjoying a meal in the fresh, open air. It’s adopted from Italian, most likely from the term fresco, which refers to painting artworks on fresh plaster. We don’t know much about art, but we do enjoy eating outdoors!

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Enjoy alfresco dining? Make it happen in your outdoor living area with these 6 tips from Outside Concepts