When you’re planning a new Sydney timber deck area for your home, the biggest decision you’ll need to make is how big will it be. Get this right and you’ll have years of leisure and entertainment to look forward to; get it wrong and you’ll be cursing yourself for years to come.

That’s why it’s important to carefully consider your current and likely future needs for the deck. If you have a big family that likes to eat outside or enjoy entertaining large gatherings, you’ll need a deck with lots of space. On the other hand, if you’re a couple who don’t entertain often and simply enjoy a relaxing coffee or lunch outside, a smaller deck will suffice.

Another mistake people make is it not allowing enough space for the furniture and items they will have on their new Sydney timber deck area. This can lead to situations such as having the BBQ squeezed in between an exterior wall and your furniture, or chairs toppling over because they’re too close to the edge of the deck.

A commonsense way to avoid this, if you already have your furniture, BBQ and other items, is to arrange them in a close proximity to how they’ll be arranged on the new deck. Then sit in each chair and make sure there’s enough room to push them out and cook on the BBQ to make sure you have enough space. If you don’t have your new furniture or other items, get their approximate dimensions and mark them out. Either way, potential space issues should soon become evident.

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Tips from Outside Concepts on how to get the size of your Sydney timber deck area right