Glance through a home magazine or online at articles on patios and you’ll usually see images of large spaces, with separate dining and lounge areas, an outdoor kitchen, large pot plants and a spa to boot. All well in good, but if you live in Melbourne, chances are the space you have available for a patio is a little on the small side.

A small space may mean you are limited with what you can fit in, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have big ideas. Read on to see Outside Concepts tips on the best ways to get the most from a small patio.

8 ideas for small Melbourne patios

  1. Planning is always crucial if you are building a new patio and it’s even more so when the space is small. Consider how you intend to use the space. Will it be primarily for dining, lounging or cooking? Identify the key functions you want your patio to serve, as this will guide your design decisions.
  2. Chunky furniture may be okay for a large space, but not for a small patio. Instead purchase sleek furniture that doesn’t take up much space. Also consider foldable, stackable, or multi-purpose furniture can help maximise space when not in use.
  3. If cooking isn’t your highest priority, but you’d still like the occasional barbecue, consider a compact unit that you can store in your shed and place on your outdoor table when needed.
  4. It might be tempting to go minimalist with a small patio and choose matching furniture, but that’s usually, well, boring. A great idea is to choose individual pieces that fit your space and give your patio an eclectic feel. Include items like rugs, cushions, throws and other items that enhance the feel and give you a space that’s cosy, relaxing and stylish. You will still want to keep your patio cohesive by choosing complementing styles, colours, patterns and materials.
  5. When choosing colours, opt for light shades and pastels. This will help make your space feel larger than it is.
  6. Speaking about illusions, consider adding a mirror to one side of your patio, usually along a fence. Another option is a feature wall – particularly one with greenery or scenery – that can give the illusion of added space.
  7. You probably won’t be able to fit large planters and pots in your small Melbourne patio, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have greenery. Utilise any spare nooks and crannies by added smaller pots. You can also use vertical space with hanging plants or a vertical garden.
  8. If you’re short of storage, choose furniture with built-in storage or add discreet storage solutions like outdoor storage benches or ottomans. This allows you to keep cushions, gardening tools, and other items neatly stored away.

Small space? Outside Concepts has the big patio solutions

If you’re considering building a patio and live in the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne, you need a designer and builder with the knowledge, experience and know-how to turn your small space into a wonderful patio area.

A designer and builder like Ron Matz and his team from our North Eastern Branch.

While Ron’s area takes in some outer suburbs with larger block sizes, he’s also very adept at utilising smaller spaces. He can turn your small area into big show-stopper and it all starts with a phone call to Outside Concepts.

Phone us on 1800 601 674. We’ve got big ideas for your Melbourne patio.

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Only have a small space in your Melbourne backyard and still want a patio that’s big on ideas? Outside Concepts has the answers.

Only have a small space in your Melbourne backyard and still want a patio that’s big on ideas? Outside Concepts has the answers.