What do you do if you only have a small outside area, but want a great outdoor living area to relax and entertain?  At the risk of stating the obvious, if you only have a small area you’ll need to build a small patio, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise entirely.

Here are Outside Concepts’ top tips for making the most of a small outdoor living area.

Tips for making the most of a small patio

  • For starters, a small area does provide one big opportunity and that’s the ability to get more for your money. Having less area means you can potentially spend more on luxuries, such as having a small patio with a ceiling, tiling the roof to match your house, installing lighting, integrating heating, installing outdoor blinds and more.
  • The choice of outdoor furniture needs to be made carefully when you only have a small patio. Most likely, you won’t have the space for both outdoor dining and lounge suite, so think about how you will use the area. If it’s to eat outside, then a dining suite will be practical; if it’s for relaxing and drinks, outdoor sofas and chairs may be a better choice.
  • Continuing the subject of outdoor furniture, steer away from large, chunky items and focus on small furniture that you’ll use every day. You might also consider chairs and tables that collapse or stack so you have the versatility to entertain more people when the opportunity arises.
  • Barbecues can also take a lot of space, so look for options that are smaller. The kettle style barbecues are an obvious choice as they take up little floor space, while still providing plenty of cooking area. You could even consider a table-top model that you can pack away when not in use.
  • Make your small patio inviting by accessorising with vases, cushions, candles, etc.
  • You might think you can’t have any greenery when space is tight, but plants are important in any outdoor area. Think small pot plants or, even better if you have a wall you can use, a vertical garden.
  • To give the illusion of space, consider placing a mirror somewhere in your outdoor living area.

So, just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have a great patio area. To get more tips and advice, give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 or arrange a free, no-obligation discussion with a local branch.

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• A small patio can still be a great outdoor living area with these tips from Outside Concepts.