Picture sitting under an Adelaide pergola built from timber, sipping a coffee, tea, wine or beer, with a grapevine growing over the open roof and you’re thinking of the type of traditional pergola that has been built for decades. Outside Concepts has built heaps of them for satisfied customers.

Now, imagine entertaining a large group of people in a modern pergola in the backyard of your Adelaide home, with an insulated ceiling, outdoor blinds, lighting, outdoor speakers and a water feature. Outside Concepts has also built plenty of them.

Because when it comes to pergolas in Adelaide, Outside Concepts builds them all, great and small.

Small traditional Adelaide pergola

The style of pergola described in the introductory paragraph above is definitely what you would call a traditional pergola. They are relatively simple structures, generally built from timber, with posts and beams running across. You’ll see an image of one on this page.

Often they do feature a grapevine growing over the top, although you can choose any deciduous climber you like or leave it bare. The advantage of using a deciduous plant is that it will provide  protection from the harsh sun during the hotter months, while during winter allowing the sun to shine in to warm you while you’re drinking that cuppa.

Large modern Adelaide pergola

The large modern pergola might not be traditional in the strictest sense, but it is fast becoming the norm in Adelaide and indeed across Australia. As Australians look to blend the inside and outside, and relax and entertain more outdoors, a pergola that fits this purpose is now virtually a must have.

Some of the features that the modern Adelaide pergola can include make the traditional pergola look even more basic than it is. We’re talking about things like pergolas with ceilings, insulated roofing, curved roofs and roofs with louvers that you can open and close as the conditions suit. We’re talking about pergolas with fans and misting systems, ceiling mounted heaters and gas log fires, integrated lighting and speakers, outdoor blinds and vertical gardens, and of course outdoor kitchens. All designed to make your pergola more comfortable and allow you to spend more time in it, relaxing and entertaining.

Just as important as the practicalities is the look of today’s modern pergola. While the traditional pergola is certainly stunning in its own way, today’s pergolas are purpose-built to suit the style of the home they are built next to, creating a style statement.

Outdoor Concepts for Adelaide pergolas

No matter what size or style of pergola you want for your Adelaide home, Brian Rohan and his team from our Eastern Branch can make it a reality. Small, large, simple, complex and everything in between.

Just as importantly, they can take care of the entire job, from the first meeting to discuss your needs and look at options, to the design and planning process, to the build and the clean-up at the end. Just don’t get us to choose and plant the grapevine as our skills only go so far!

Organise a free discussion for a new pergola for your Adelaide home by phoning 1800 601 674 or submitting the contact form on Brian’s page.

Concept to clean up. Call Outside Concepts for a free quote on 1800 601 674.

Whether it’s a small traditional Adelaide pergola or a large modern one, a pergola can make a style statement for your home.
Whether it’s a small traditional Adelaide pergola or a large modern one, a pergola can make a style statement for your home.