With many Australians now on summer holidays, it’s a great time to use a little elbow grease to get your outdoor living area looking its best. Then you’ll have the rest of the holidays – and the summer – to enjoy the toils of your work.

Here are Outdoor Concepts top 7 tips for getting your outdoor living area ship-shape:

  1. The first job really won’t take any elbow grease at all. It’s simply taking a good look around your outdoor living area to look for issues. Perhaps you’ve got a roof sheet that’s been flapping around in the wind, a raised nail or two in the deck or some peeling paint that needs fixing. Make a list of all the issues you need to fix.
  2. Now the real work begins as you knock off any issues you’ve found with your outdoor living area, one by one. Many issues you may be able to fix yourself, but don’t hesitate to call on Outside Concepts for any larger jobs that need doing, such as structural work or replacement of materials like roofing sheets or decking boards.
  3. While it’s not confined to only your outdoor living area, while you have the time make sure you check your gutters and remove any leaves or debris. Leaking gutters, roofs, rotted timber, insect infestation and other potential issues can all be averted by regularly cleaning your gutters.
  4. If you’re lucky enough to have timber decking, regular re-oiling is a simple and satisfying job. Your deck will look great and will be able to withstand all you can throw at it for another 365 days. Plus, if you use a water-based oil, you can get two coats on in a day.
  5. Give all the surfaces of your outdoor living area a good clean. A bucket of water and detergent, a broom and a scrubbing brush is perhaps all you need, but a decent high-pressure sprayer will certainly help you tick off this job.
  6. Trees and shrubs that are too close to your outdoor living area can scrape against it during windy weather, making a noise and potentially causing issues. Trim them back with a pair of sharp secateurs or tree saw.
  7. Having a nice garden surrounding your outdoor living area can make it even more inviting. To keep your garden looking it’s best, apply some fertiliser, top up the mulch and give it a deep watering. You might also consider purchasing some pots and plants to surround your outdoor living area with vegetation and flowers.

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