With a warmer week forecast in Melbourne and the official start of spring only days away, now’s a great time to get outside and get your Melbourne outdoor living area ready for spring, summer and autumn. Here are Outside Concepts top tips to make sure your patio, pergola or verandah is ship-shape for the outdoor entertainment and relaxation opportunities that lie ahead.

Melbourne outdoor living area spring check-up:

  • One of the things you should do at least once a year is take a good look at your Melbourne outdoor living area. What are you looking for? Essentially, any rot, warping, splitting, lifting, peeling or other damage. Give everything a close inspection and fix any issues. Some things – like a nail sticking up slightly in your decking – may not be obvious at first (until you stub your big toe on it!).
  • If there’s any damage that you can’t fix yourself, give Outside Concepts a call. While we specialise in building new outdoor structures – such as carports, decks, patios and verandahs – we do small jobs, such as replacing a worn post, as well.
  • Also take a critical look at your BBQ to make sure it will be safe for the warmer days and nights ahead. Check the gas cylinder, hose and all connections. A simple way of testing for leaks is spraying soapy water on the hose and connections – bubble will form is gas is escaping. Oh, and while you’re at it, give the BBQ a good clean. Those bits left over from your last BBQ in autumn aren’t going to add flavour to your next BBQ!
  • Give everything a really good clean by removing all the cobwebs, dirt, dust and grime. A high-pressure sprayer will make the job easier, but soapy water, a garden hose and good old elbow grease will also do a good job.
  • Also tidy up the surrounding garden and pots. Weeding, mulching, pruning and fertilising will get your plants and lawn ready for the warmer weather ahead.

If your Melbourne outdoor living area is past is use by date, spring is also a good time to call in Outside Concepts to discuss building a new one. Our free onsite quote, quality materials and friendly service will make the whole process easy.

You’ll be enjoying your new outdoor living area quicker than you may think!

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Spring is the perfect time to get back into your Melbourne outdoor living area and perform some much needed maintenance, like fixing raised nails in your deck.