Melbourne is well known for its ability to have four seasons in one day – and sometimes in one hour! So, how can you design and set-up your Melbourne outdoor living area so that it’s comfortable for all seasons?

Comfortable Melbourne outdoor living area – by design

The design and location of your outdoor living area is paramount when considering comfort for all seasons.

For example, an important consideration is which way your outdoor living area is facing. A north facing Melbourne outdoor living area is ideal as it’s easy to install a roof that will provide protection from the high summer sun while allowing the lower winter sun to shine in. If you’re not lucky enough to be able to locate your patio, pergola or verandah on the north side, you’ll need to use a combination of plants, umbrellas, outdoor blinds, awnings and areas of roofing and no roofing to achieve a similar result.

Outdoor blinds are particularly useful as they help cool an outdoor living area during summer, by keeping the hot sun and warm winds out. And they help keep it warm during winter, by keeping cool breezes and rain out and any warmth from heaters in. The stunning range of outdoor blinds sold and installed by Outside Concepts are extremely versatile and easy to use.

Comfortable Melbourne outdoor living area – other considerations

  • When considering plants, deciduous trees, shrubs and climbers can be ideal as they provide shade during the warmer months while allowing the sun in during winter.
  • Technology can help. In summer, economical electric fans or more expensive portable evaporative coolers will cool down your outdoor living area. While in winter, there are is a range of heaters to choose from, depending on your budget.
  • In the warmer weather, items such as rugs, mats, tablecloths and cushions can help keep your furniture and the floor of your outdoor living area more comfortable.

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• A well designed and set-up Melbourne outdoor living area will be comfortable in all seasons.