Steel Flat Roof Carport Installation in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs

If you had a t-shirt that was too small, you’d go out and buy another one. And that’s exactly the approach that clients in the Melbourne western suburbs took with their carport.

Their old timber-framed carport would have been described as a double carport in real estate online marketing, but to be fair the second car would have needed to be extremely small to fit. In addition, the carport was very low, as it had been built below the level of the eaves of the home. As well as being low, this made the carport confined and dark. Large brick columns further added to the dark impression of the carport.

Enter Kose, Outside Concepts North Western & Western Branch Manager. He was called in by the Taylors Lake homeowners to discuss the carport issue, as well as provide a quote and design. After the quote was accepted, he started work on delivering the new carport.

Council planning permission for a carport

One of the first jobs, before a hole, was dug or a nail removed, was to get council permission for the new carport. In many cases, if you’re replacing a carport or another outside structure, planning permission isn’t required. However, if you need to extend the structure you generally need to get council’s sign-off.

For this Melbourne western suburbs carport, one of the key goals was to make the carport larger, which would require it to extend closer to the footpath. Planning permission, therefore, had to be sought, which Kose took care of on behalf of the owner.

Carport work begins

With council approval done, Kose then demolished and removed the existing timber structure. Remediation work also needed to be completed on the eaves, gutters, and downpipes before the new carport could be installed.

The new, larger carport was attached to the fascia of the Melbourne western suburbs home. This raised it above the level of the old carport to increase the height inside and make the carport feel less dark. The added bonus is that the level is consistent with the rest of the home, which helps lift the street appeal.

Instead of timber, steel was chosen for the structure, the posts and the roof. This means that the homeowner’s new carport is not only more practical and better looking, it will also be extremely low maintenance.

The result is a much better carport and another happy Outside Concepts client.

“Kose, my Project Manager, maintained the highest professional approach in all dealings,” says the homeowner, Neil Robertson. “He has assembled an exceptional workforce of superior tradespersons. The construction and completion of my carport have added greater value to my home. I can rightfully boast about your company and recommend it to all.”

So, if you need a new Melbourne western suburbs carport (or verandah, patio, pergola or deck), get in contact with Kose today. Phone 1800 601 674 or submit the form on Kose’s web page.

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Too low, too short, too easy! A client in the western suburbs of Melbourne has fixed their carport issues thanks to Outside Concepts.

This before image shows the old, low and short carport adjoining the Melbourne western suburbs home. The new one is a significant improvement.