A new steel carport built in Lane Cove, Sydney

If we were debating the merits of using timber over steel in a new carport, you would most likely highlight the natural beauty of timber, the texture and the colours. We’d then feature the benefits of steel and produce the image of this new Lane Cove carport, made from steel, and the debate would be over with steel the winner!

Don’t get us wrong, we love using timber in outdoor projects, but if you’re looking for a material that will last for decades and require little if any maintenance, then steel is the winner. Plus, as can be witnessed by the image on this page, a carport built using predominantly steel can also look terrific.

The steel carport pictured was built recently by Outside Concepts’ Lane Cove Branch. Like all Outside Concepts’ projects, it was custom designed and built for the clients. In this case the clients chose Firmlok for the structure, Colorbond roofing and steel for the guttering and downpipes. The only nod to timber came in the decorative façade to match the façade of the house.

While this means the Lane Cove carport is extremely strong and will last for decades, we’re sure you’ll also agree it’s as pleasing to the eye as it is practical.

A carport (or other outside project) made from steel

While steel was once expensive and, let’s face it, less appealing to the eye compared with timber, a lot has changed of recent years. From a cost-perspective alone, in some cases steel can be just as economical as timber. This is in part because steel is fabricated off-site and can then be erected quickly when it gets to the client’s home. Plus, steel has come a long way in the looks department.

Part of this is due to products such as Firmlok steel, beams that consist of two steel C-sections that lock firmly together, thus the name. The result is a lightweight, strong and durable beam that won’t warp or split. Firmlok is also incredibly straight and uniform, making it easy to work with, which helps to keep the cost down. It can be used as a structural beam or purlin for all outside projects and even home extensions.

Here are some more reasons to consider steel for your carport, patio, pergola or verandah project:

  • It almost goes without saying, but steel is strong. Steel also won’t rot, warp or twist.
  • As mentioned previously, steel requires little if any maintenance. So, you can get onto more important things, like relaxing in your outdoor living area!
  • Steel is fully recyclable. In fact, if you choose steel for your carport, like our Lane Cove clients did, it will likely be made of steel that contains around 90% of recycled product.
  • Steel doesn’t require painting and all products (including beams, guttering, roofing and downpipes) are available in a wide range of colours.

Still not convinced on the merits of steel? Well, give us a call and organise Outside Concepts to pay you a visit and we can debate the virtues of timber and steel. At the end of the day, the decision whether to use timber or steel will be yours!

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