Meet Sasha and Caleb. They like everything modern. They drive the latest electric car, their home is modern and minimalistic, and it’s filled with all the techno gadgets you can name. They only drink Sanpellegrino sparkling mineral water and coffee made using their Victoria Arduino espresso machine.

Meet Martha and Bill. They love things with character. They drive an older model Ford Falcon and their home is Federation style. They enjoy a cup of tea in the morning, made from tea leaves in a tea pot covered with a tea pot cozy. And they place their tea cups on their crocheted doilies to protect their table.

With such different needs, you’d expect that if Sasha and Caleb, and Martha and Bill wanted new pergolas for their Geelong homes, they would need to find an outdoor structures company that suited their specific styles. Modern for Sasha and Caleb. Character style for Martha and Bill.

But not with Outside Concepts.

Custom Geelong pergolas is what we do

Why is the above scenario not an issue if you choose Outside Concepts? Because all the pergolas that we design and build in Geelong are fully customised. In fact, any structure we build in Geelong is customised, whether it’s a pergola, timber deck, patio, verandah or carport

So what do we mean by a fully customised Geelong pergola?

    • You get to choose the shape and size of the pergola, to perfectly fit your home and the outdoor space you require
    • You get to choose the materials used in your pergola. For example, you might want a metal roof with a timber structure. No problems. A tile roof with a steel structure. Also not an issue.
    • You get to choose the colours that you want, to match or complement the existing colours in your home.
    • You get to add any other design or practical elements that you like. For example, a modern pergola may feature rendering with hidden gutters and downpipes. A character pergola may feature end fills and other design elements.
    • You can choose the style you want, to perfectly match or complement your home. Ultra modern, character or somewhere in between.
    • Put simply, you’ll get the pergola you want for your Geelong home.

The other important aspect about custom pergolas is that while they’ll be perfect for you, they’ll also add more value to your home than an off-the-shelf pergola. That means more money in your pocket when it comes time to sell.

Outside Concepts Geelong builds customised pergolas

After reading this post, if you want a new pergola and you don’t know who to contact, here is a customised suggestion – get in touch with Jaan McKenzie, our Geelong branch manager.

Like all our other branches, Jaan only design and builds customised structures. So, he can provide the exact pergola that you want. Whether your name is Sasha, Caleb, Martha, Bill or something else!

To find out more, phone 1800 601 674 or go to Jaan’s branch page and submit a contact form.

Find out about Outside Concepts’ 10-year structural warranty. Call us on 1800 601 674.

22 May 2023 main new

Looking for a custom pergola for your Geelong home? Outside Concepts has the solution.