While for the most part we’ve been experiencing mild weather of late, there’s a cold-snap about to hit many parts of Australia, including Adelaide. So, is it time to head indoors and not venture out until the warmer weather returns? No way! Particularly in these times of social isolation, it’s important to get outside more to relax and entertain in your pergola.

The best way to do this when the weather turns cold is to invest in ways to make your Adelaide pergola warmer and more comfortable. So, let’s look at the best options for you and your family when it comes to outdoor heating.

Heat up your Adelaide pergola

  1. Once upon a time about the only heater you’d consider buying for your Adelaide pergola would be a gas heater. The standard upright gas patio heater has been around for years and does a great job of keeping your pergola warm. These days, they come in a range of styles to suit any outdoor living area. The only real issue with these heaters is that you need to replace the gas bottle, which, like running out of gas for the barbecue, can be a bit of a pain.
  2. If you don’t want to be running off to the gas bottle exchange, one possible solution for your Adelaide pergola is the range of natural gas outdoor heaters. These are integrated into your home’s natural gas system and are generally ceiling or wall mounted. The set-up costs for natural gas heating will be more than a bottled gas heater, but once in place it will cost less to run.
  3. Another very popular choice these days is the range of electric patio heaters. These generally branch into two styles: those that plug in to an outdoor powerpoint and those that are hardwired into your mains electricity. You can also get models that are freestanding and others that are ceiling or wall mounted. Cost can vary significantly depending on the electric heater you choose and, of course, whether you need an electrician to set it up.
  4. Another option for your Adelaide pergola is a fire pit or chimenea. The bonus with these is that they provide heat as well as ambience – and you can toast marshmallows! The negative is that you need to keep up a steady supply of fuel and clean out the ash regularly.
  5. If you’ve got a bit of space in your Adelaide pergola and a little more money to play with, an excellent option to consider is an outdoor heater, similar to a heater you might install inside. Freestanding and integrated options are available, plus you can choose between wood-burning and gas varieties.

Another investment to consider for your Adelaide pergola during the cooler months is outdoor blinds. They’ll help to keep cool air and driving rain out and warm air in. Even better, they also provide great benefits during the hot months, meaning that outdoor blinds are the investment you’ll enjoy all-year-round.

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Don’t head indoors when the weather gets chilly, stay in your Adelaide pergola with your outdoor heating.
Don’t head indoors when the weather gets chilly, stay in your Adelaide pergola with your outdoor heating.