If you’re looking for a structural material that requires virtually no maintenance, comes in a variety of pre-painted colours and won’t break the bank, it’s hard to go past steel. Steel outdoor structures are a great choice for your new carport, pergola, patio or verandah for a number of reasons:

The advantages of steel outdoor structures:

  • It almost goes without saying, but steel is strong. Which means steel outdoor structures are strong.
  • The strength and durability of steel is maintained for a long time.
  • Steel won’t rot, warp or twist.
  • Building outdoor structures with steel is cost efficient and in some cases can be cheaper than timber.
  • If you like looking after the environment, steel is also a good choice. Steel is fully recyclable. In fact, if you use structural steel for your new outdoor strucutre chances are it will contain close to 90% of recycled product.
  • Steel is low maintenance
  • Structure steel, used in steel outdoor structures, is available in a variety of colours to suit your existing home and decor.
  • Because it’s fabricated off-site, structural steel can be erected quicker than other materials.
  • While it’s difficult to beat the look of timber, today’s steel is more aesthetically pleasing than ever before. From afar, it often looks like timber.

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Steel outdoor structures have significant benefits.