A patio – or pergola if you prefer – can be a valuable addition to any home but it’s important to choose your materials well to get the most value from the project.

Take the case of this stunning patio and hardwood deck, built by David Bunton and his team at Outside Concepts Bayside Victoria branch. The deck has been built using spotted gum, a eucalyptus hardwood timber that’s not only extremely durable but also rich in colour and extremely attractive. It’s been matched with a patio built predominantly using hardwood, with hardwood timber even used in the endfills.

Smart material choice is also evident in the roof. With the hardwood being a dark colour, rather than roof the structure entirely in steel, a combination of steel and polycarbonate sheeting has been used. This lets plenty of natural light in. Lights have also been added to the structure to allow the homeowners to use the patio at night.

The result is not only an outdoor living area that is practical and looks stunning, it also provides the homeowners with a resort feel to help them relax after a stressful week. In addition, the patio and deck perfectly compliment the Bayside home.

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